You’re too short for this ride


Two days ago I wrote about Christianity. More specifically, I wrote about how the Catholic Church is the one and only. As of the time of writing this post, that piece has 50 comments and counting. That’s a lot for my site. This ain’t no Harry Potter fan club page after all. The reason for the number of comments is all of the good natured back and forth that has been going on. People are politely disagreeing with each other while agreeing to examine the points that they disagree with a little more closely, as you never know, hey, we could be wrong.

Just kidding. Nobody is doing that at all. It’s just a lot of hate hate hatey hate. Which I approve of. I love hate speech. Can’t get enough of it, to be honest. Bring on your hate. Let me feed on your tears of rage.

I am happy with the level of agitation as it bodes well for my speech next week at the XYZ Conference. Mark the date as I will be talking about Christianity and the article on Monday was a primer. But in line with that I want to throw out a few more ideas to whet your appetites and get you all hot under the mankini.

A fair number of people objected to my claim that the Catholic Church is the one and only. So be it. If you can’t accept that Protestantism is simply secularized Christianity then I can’t do anything for you. But hey, you go hard with your female pastors, your welcome to all immigrants, your worship of the feminine, your embrace of the Muslim infidels, your acceptance and embrace of buggery and child molestation, your luke warm platitudes and your empty houses of secular worship. If there is something stupid and false on offer then Protestantism in all of its iterations will leap on it like kids hitting a bouncy castle.

The fact of the matter is that the Protestant church in all its forms and offshoots was simply a way of turning the masses away from God while they thought that they were believing. It is feel good Christianity, but Christ was never about feeling good, nor about pandering to human nature. It was the destruction of Christianity through the front door.

But there is a back door as well, and it’s in a hell of a mess. Many commenters pointed out some of the failings of the Catholic Church, whether as an institution or by individuals. Good for you. So very brave. So very noble. So very willing to latch on to any old excuse in order to give up and surrender. Cowards and apostates all. You renounce your loyalty on your political beliefs and principles, so I hope your principles keep you warm in hell.

Did you think that there would be no concerted attempt to destroy the Catholic Church from the inside? Did you assume that they would play fair? Every pope since 1958 has been a heretic, an imposter and a deceiver. The Freemasons have infiltrated the Church from top to bottom. The satanists are in its very bowels. And yet still the woke left attacks it without relent. It is not enough. They know that they will only triumph when the Church is finally destroyed.

And you wish to help in their victory because your principles are offended by their own nefarious deeds. How do you live with that sort of stupidity? Are you taking pills or getting shots in order to get out of bed in the morning and successfully tie your shoelaces? Such a level of retardation is surely worthy of one of those scientific studies that they woke are so enthusiastic about. Just think of the attention that you would receive, if only for a comparatively brief moment.

We are on this earth to be tested. Do you fall for the lies or do you rise to the truth? Do you hold fast in the midst of the enemy psy ops or do you succumb to the falsehoods and betray your own convictions? There are so very few of us in comparison to their endless numbers. How glorious it is to be one of the very few. The multitudes morph together in a desperate attempt to gain validation in numbers. The grey crowd of empty NPCs stretches numberless to the horizon. They are the lost ones, the zombies of our time. But the shades of grey are not uniform, and those among you who consider yourselves to be on the side of good are simply tools for the enemy.

Years ago I started off writing about video games and chicks and now here we are. It’s been a hell of a ride. And it’s only just beginning. And I, for one, am thankful. If I’m going to go down then I’ll drag it all down with me. Let it burn. And then let God sort us all out. But for those of you who are all too willing to throw the baby out with the bath water for the sake of idolized foundations of sand, please be my guest. If you’re looking for an excuse to cop out then the world has plenty for you to choose from.

Maybe that’s a sign in of itself. Don’t look for perfection here on earth. Look for men who stand and fight. Who hold fast. And if you can’t or you aren’t willing to do that then maybe you’re too short for this ride.

Adam will be speaking at The XYZ Conference on Thursday July 2 between 8pm and 10pm AEST.  The Conference will stream on The XYZ YouTube Channel. The direct link is below.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

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