XYZ Conference Day 2, June 30, 8pm


Last night was the first night of The XYZ Conference, and it went off with a bang. Tom Sewell spoke discussed the key principles of the worldview, and the path forward for our people. You can listen to his speech here.

Thank you very much to Tom for the time and dedication he put into his speech, and to Mark Moncrieff and Ozzy Mozzy for their contribution to the panel Q&A afterward.

Tonight, Tuesday June 30 at 8pm AEST, James Fox Higgins will be speaking on Western Art and Culture. He will speak from 8pm to 9pm, followed by Q&A from 9pm to 10pm.

A month ago when we decided on the topic, it seemed like a no brainer – of course we should discuss our cultural heritage. Since then, the Cultural Marxist left have gone into overdrive to destroy our cultural heritage, thus James’ speech will take on a special significance.

He will discuss why Western Art and Culture matters, and why the left is working so hard to destroy it.

[Update: James’ speech has been moved to BitChute.  You can watch the video here.]

On the panel tonight to join in the Q&A from 9pm to 10pm will be Port Film Co-op and Stephen Wells.