It’s only okay to do satire on white racists


Jewish man Sacha Baron Cohen has been given a fawning puff piece by a far left blog run by homosexuals regarding his latest questionable “prank”.

From nEwS.CoM:

Sacha Baron Cohen gatecrashed a right-wing event in Washington while posing as a racist country singer – where he encouraged the crowd to chant along to lyrics about liberals getting “chopped up” or “injected with the Wuhan flu,” viral footage shows.

Dressed as a pot-bellied singer in denim dungarees and a cowboy hat, the “Borat” comedian tricked organisers of Saturday’s event by the “Three Percenters” militia group by producing a last-minute big-money donation, according to reports and organisers.

The professional prankster then took to the stage in Olympia, getting some of the audience to chant along with extreme lyrics – with organisers saying a team of armed security guards stopped them from pulling the plug…..

Event organiser Matt Marshall said they “tried to pull the plug” in horror at the “incredibly racist song,” but said Cohen’s team included “four armed-security on the generator, so we couldn’t even cut the power”.

When they finally “bum-rushed the stage,” the Who is America? prankster and his entourage fled in a waiting ambulance that pretended to be on an emergency call, Marshall said in a video interview.

Other images suggest Cohen then came back, pretending to be a video journalist while wearing a grey wig and beard.

“They spent a lot of money to make us look bad,” Marshall said, later tweeting, “Thanks for the publicity. Can’t wait for the video of me throwing Cohen off the stage.”

This is true to form. Cohen, who has a lot of money behind him, is known for his underhanded methods which border on intimidation, and his propensity to take advantage of the trusting, good natured folk of America’s heartland in order to portray them as stupid and evil. In essence, he is engaging in standard projection.

Cohen employed the dated Marxist tactic of repeating the arguments of your opponent and expecting everybody to automatically agree with you that they are evil, not realising that everybody actually agrees with your opponents:

Footage shows Cohen singing about former President Barack Obama, coronavirus expert Dr Anthony Fauci, CNN and “mask wearers” getting injected with the “Wuhan flu”.

He also wished the same for “sushi eaters” – and worse for “Chinese people,” singing that they should “nuke them up like in World War II.”

Turning on the World Health Organization and journalists, he got cheers when suggesting they should “chop them up like the Saudis do,” seemingly a sick reference to murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

“Hillary Clinton, what we gonna do? Lock her up like we used to do,” he sang – while joking that Bill Gates’ manhood was “micro soft.”

All of these positions are perfectly reasonable. Barack Obama is a communist and a muslim who nearly doubled US debt and inflamed racial tension in America. Dr Anthony Fauci is a fraud. CNN are fake news. As for mask wearers, which MSM narrative are we supposed to believe? The Chinese are warmongers. The WHO are led by a terrorist agent of China. Hillary Clinton is a child-trafficking satanist and Bill Gates wants to eliminate all life on the planet.

Intriguingly, nEwS.CoM and several other microblogs recently felt it was necessary to point out than an obviously satirical article by The XYZ on serial race baiter Waleed Aly was satire.

The XYZ piece, which was viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, lampooned the way the Australian media did everything it could to avoid discussing the bashing by an African gang of a white girl at a Melbourne train station because it undermined the narrative of whites victimising black people.

Our satire portrayed Waleed Aly framing the violence of the African gang as “courageously standing up to white privilege”. Of course, the reason it was believed by so many, and why it triggered such a panicked response by Australia’s media, is because it sounded exactly like something that Waleed Aly would say, minus the weasel words. Interestingly, the far left understand this concept:

The message is clear then. There is one rule for us, no rules for them.