England is the people, not the land


The National Review thinks that moving half of the population of Hong Kong to the United Kingdom, 3.5 million people, is a smashing idea.

“Hong Kong is a former British territory, and about 3 million of its 7.5 million residents hold or are eligible for a limited kind of British passport (the “British national overseas” passport issued to those born in Hong Kong before the territory was relinquished to China in 1997) that entitles them to travel to the United Kingdom but not to permanently reside or work there. As Beijing prepares to implement in Hong Kong a robust version of the totalitarianism it practices everywhere else in China — in contravention of its agreement with the British requiring the Chinese government to honor Hong Kong’s liberty and democracy — Johnson says that his government, bound by “our profound ties of history and friendship with the people of Hong Kong,” will allow all of those 3 million Hong Kongers the option of coming to the United Kingdom with the British version of a green card (renewable legal residency and permission to work) and a path to full citizenship for those who desire it.

“This is an almost heroic proposal. It is also a smart one.”

Out of all of the dumb words that have been uttered in the last couple of weeks, these must rate as among the most stupid.

Weka also thinks that this is just brilliant.

“Well, the salt may be moving. Hong Kong is now toast, but Hong Kong is the people not the land, and another land may welcome them. They will do better that the similar number of Pakistanis who moved there a generation ago.”

Exactly. Hong Kong is the people, not the land. Which is why moving them en masse to England is a crime. Of course, the English people will not be asked as to their opinion on this. It will just occur despite them, just as all of the invited invasions of the past 60 years have occurred.

They will do better than the Pakis? They will do better at whose expense exactly? And if a nation is the people, not the land, how does bringing in millions of them affect the English people? Because the Hong Kong people are not English; they are Chinese. And so they will dilute England, and England will become less England than it already is. But that’s okay because these invaders will do well.

How heartwarming.

Even worse is the fact that China considers that anyone of Chinese ancestry, no matter where they are residing and what paper civic nationalities they may be holding, to be forever Chinese; subservient and obedient to the Chinese government. Yes, maybe in these rather large numbers there will only be a few hundred thousand communist plants. But their children? And so on down the line.

Will these 3.5 million be parceled out or will they be dumped on a few unsuspecting towns? Will they quietly settle into their new invaded land, or will they begin agitating for change and standing for local elections?

But hey, what’s the problem? I bet the Peking Duck will be awesome, ammiright?

Back to the National Review:

“The United Kingdom is an astonishingly inventive and productive nation, and it punches above its weight both economically and, especially, culturally. But Hong Kong has long practiced a kind of supercharged version of British economic liberalism, and its people are even more productive than the British, with a GDP per capita about 15 percent higher than the United Kingdom’s. You don’t have a rich, smart, productive country without rich, smart, productive people, and Johnson is proposing to roll out the red carpet for 3 million of them.”

Here is the great lie in its pure form. The only thing that matters is riches. Economic growth before all other aspects of life. Bow down low before the great economical manna. It matters not that your people are displaced, strangers in their own land. As long as you’re a smart, rich and productive country, that’s all that matters. So replace the natives with the more intelligent, the more productive, and the more malleable. They’ll do just fine until we discover some even better ones from which we can extract every last drop.

If this happens, if Johnson really does bring in all of these Chinese, then I predict civil war in the UK within a generation. It’s one thing to be slowly replaced from your own land by your own leaders while they enrich themselves at your expense. It’s another thing entirely for them to rub our noses in it.

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