Arseholes just grow older


So it turns out that the Boomer who was pushed and shoved by police is a longtime activist with a charge sheet of prog causes as long as your arm. Seriously, in a sane world the cops would be celebrated seeing as they pushed a straight white cis male. But even us white blokes have our uses for the prog cause and he sure got what he has been swinging for over the last 40 odd years.

“Martin Gugino is a 75-year-old professional agitator and Antifa provocateur who brags on his blog about the number of times he can get arrested and escape prosecution. Gugino’s Twitter Account is also filled with anti-cop sentiment. Last Thursday Gugino traveled from his home in Amherst, New York, to Buffalo to agitate a protest crowd.

“During his effort Gugino was attempting to capture the radio communications signature of Buffalo police officers. CTH noted what he was attempting on Thursday night as soon as the now viral video was being used by media to sell a police brutality narrative. Today, a more clear video has emerged that shows exactly what he was attempting.

“In this slow motion video, you will see Gugino using a phone as a capture scanner. You might have heard the term “skimming”; it’s essentially the same. Watch him use his right hand to first scan the mic of officer one (top left of chest). Then Gugino moves his hand to the communications belt of the second officer.”

There’s a video of it slowed right down, which gives a good indication of how fast this happened in real life.

Gugino, (send them all back), is a prime example of something that I have known all of my adult life, and that is the simple fact that arseholes just grow older. This utter prick has been that way all his life. In fact, with the Boomers receding disgracefully into old age we’re about to get a hell of a lot of arseholes in the geriatric realm.

I have no doubt that we will soon be witness to endless media attempts to resurrect the old belief that you must be good and kind to older people; that they are our elders who have patience, wisdom and kindness that they are just waiting to dole out by the bucket load. They have worked hard all of their lives and now, because of their age, we must show them respect.

Not gonna happen.

The two cops involved have been suspended, which is ludicrous on the face of it but outright damning when you consider the hundreds of police injured in these “peaceful protests”. But the aim of the game of the agitators is to make policing unsafe, whether that be physically or professionally. They want police doubting their every move so that they are finally forced into a position where they simply cannot act. In addition, they want to make the role of a policeman so unattractive that nobody will step up to fill the empty places.

Notice that I said policemen. Seen any female police manning the front lines at all of these riots and demonstrations? Where’s your precious equality now? As usual, when the shit gets real the chicks are nowhere to be seen.

But back to our geriatric Antifa warrior. The cops have nothing to lose at this point so they may as well start shooting. Aim for the oldies first. You’ll be doing us all a favor.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

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