Communism is terrorism and it must be destroyed


America is in chaos because of a long communist march into institutions. The riots are occurring not just because they slowly boiled the frog for decades but because they have deep-fried the frog and are now sprinting for the goal-lines.

I got an email the other day from because I once signed something there. The email was a list of all the BLM protests happening in Australia, encouraging me to join. I see the same sentiments being expressed by all our Government-funded arts organisations in Australia.

The ABC is flooding us with stories to agitate for the same protests and riots in Australia. There is a revolving door between these NGOs and leftist media, a kind of insular circle-jerk that has gone on for so long that the leftwing activists get to write us the news.

The Australian Defence Force is now putting all its recruits through $1200 feminist training courses to be indoctrinated with cultural Marxism. Is this to brainwash them into enforcing a new communist regime once a soft coup happens?

It has now become clear to me that the Conservative movement’s failure to stop radical change over a long period of time has been Trumped by a new failure. That new failure is an inability to stop sudden society-shattering leftists coup attempts – despite having “conservatives” in most Western governments.

What needs to happen is clear. All government-funded organisations and NGO’s that are controlled by communists need to be dismantled and have the leftists dragged out. Communism is now a bigger threat than radical Islam. Therefore communists need to be treated as terrorists.

Back in the 1950s American Senator Joe McCarthy was right and we now live in the logical endgame of communists being able to continue their work in 60s/70s Hollywood. Stories don’t just exist as being told around the camp-fire anymore. Our stories are now in books, TV, movies, social media, and we live in a world where communism has hijacked all this communication.

Conservatives are policing not Marxists but themselves, as though the left has permanent residence in their heads. Too much time is spent worrying that they may appear racist/whatever-phobic or even appear standing next to one. They act like mice that were once electrocuted for saying the wrong thing. This has removed the natural defense a conservative would have against invasion and subversion

Communism needs to be recognised as terrorism and after their long, slow march into institutions, we now need to race into these organisations and drag them out by the hair. Anything short of that and the West is over. Communism is terrorism upon its own people. Every time communism is implemented, it leads to the greatest horrors the world has ever seen. We therefore need to prevent this terrorism from within and remove communism from our society swiftly and with force.