The Estimate of the Situation Part III: The Problem with Democracy

Photo by Boston White, sourced from the Facebook page of Senator Fraser Anning.

The Golem

In Parts I and II of this series we showed that there is in fact such a people as the Australian people. We also outlined the universal right of all peoples to self-determination. In Part III we need to look at Australia’s liberal democratic system of government and the specific way that this particular system and its current legal framework is playing a central role in the Australian people’s loss of sovereignty over their own affairs. In other words, we will show how it is that democracy poses one of the greatest dangers to the right of the Australian people to self-determination and a future existence as a people within the Australian continent.

Most people have some idea of how the Australian liberal democratic system of government works, but very few of us have a thorough understanding of the legal mechanics of the system. It is always ideal to have a proper understanding of how you are being governed, but a detailed understanding of Australian Constitutional Law, while certainly helpful, is not essential to knowing that there are problems with our system of government. In fact, it is ironically because of the problems with the system, that you will not easily find a truthful and accurate description of those problems in the types of legal and academic treatises that are currently being written, published and promoted as good authority by mainstream publishers and universities.

This type of mechanico-legal description of how the Australian system works is readily available in any undergraduate text book on Australian Constitutional Law. Enough said on that.

The Problem with Democracy

The problem with Australia’s democracy can be described very simply. A democracy is really just a fancy version of mob rule. You can dress it up with bells and whistles, you can build in safe-guards against mob-rule, but at the end of the day the entire system runs on a system of voting, the outcome of which is determined by which side or candidate gets the most votes. Again, you can ‘fancy up’ the voting system, as Australia has done with it’s proportional voting system, but at the end of the day, despite all the sophistication, smoke and mirrors, the one with the most votes wins – end of story. You can put a frock and lipstick on the pig, but it’s still going to be a pig at the end of the day, and you can wax lyrical about Australian values and the virtues of liberal democracy all you like, but in the end it is just thinly disguised mob-rule.

It’s no accident that Marxist tyrannical regimes have a propensity to stick the name ‘democratic’ in their national title. What they are doing when they portray themselves as legitimate democratic systems of government, which they are not, is ‘tail-coating’ on the marketing job that has been done by our own liberal elites in Western liberal democracies. Those with power within the liberal democratic system of government that dominates the West are big fans of democracy. It suits them, and so they lionize and heavily promote the liberal democratic system as being the answer to all ills and the only system worth considering. And, like a lot of things, Marxism comes to mind now, liberal democracy reads well in theory, but tends not to play out so nicely in reality. Nevertheless, that is the system we have, the notion that it is superior to all other systems is held up as an article of faith, and so tyrannies around the world like to cash in on that marketing and portray themselves as democratic too. So, with all its faults, that is the system we have and are largely stuck with now and for the foreseeable future.

The problem that we have is two-fold. The first problem is that Australian nationalism, as a general political force, has been targeted and attacked by its enemies in a sustained manner and over a very long time. So, we have found it very hard and actually nearly impossible to participate in the political system. Some of that is our own fault too. Let’s be fair, in-fighting and petty squabbles within Australian nationalism have a notorious history. However, there should be no doubt that Australian nationalism as a political force has been a primary target of both Marxism and International Finance for a very long time. We offer a system of government and a model of society in which those two forces cannot thrive. The Australian Labor Party is influenced by Marxists and the Australian Liberal Party is influenced by the financial elite, and neither of these two sides sees it as being in their interests to let nationalists gain any foothold within Australian politics. So, they tacitly support each other, cooperate and turn a blind eye to all the dirty tricks that are used to keep the nationalists out of power. While they cultivate and sell to a gullible public their own varieties of poison fruit, they take turns in making sure that the grass on the nationalist side of the fence is kept short and is barely able to live.

The second problem that Australian nationalism faces is more simple, but far more dangerous. It is simply: time. We are running out of time. Or, more precisely: time and demographics. The Australian people are steadily being replaced by non-Australians, and as each year passes the proportion of the voting population that is Australian steadily declines. This is a good opportunity to point out a critically important point that is often overlooked.

In a democratic political system, only wining 49.99 percent of the votes is no better than not winning any of the votes. A win is a win and a loss is a loss. If you want to impose your will upon your nation via the democratic political system then, in simple terms, you need to win at least 50 percent plus 1 of the votes, and if you do, that is as good as winning all of the votes. A win is a win and a loss is a loss. There is no half-pregnancy. You either win or lose the election. There are no second prizes.

Therefore, and here comes the important point, when the Australian population falls to 75 percent of the total voting population, that does not mean that we are a quarter of the way towards political oblivion; no. It means, in fact, that we are 50 percent of the way towards political oblivion!

Demography is Destiny

We should suspect that the proportion of voters who are Australian is probably already at or below 75 percent, but the reality is we have no way of knowing because our enemies are in control of the institutions, and that includes the Australian Bureau of Statistics among others, whom have for decades now steadfastly refused and wriggled their way around any sort of true race and ethnicity demographic statistics collection. There is no doubt that such obfuscation of this critically important data was done deliberately. They would have known that eventually people would start demanding to see the data – so they made sure there wouldn’t be any to see.

The largest non-Australian ethnicity in Australia is the Chinese; regardless of what passport they came here on; it is those of ethnic Chinese race and ethnicity that make up the largest population in Australia after Australians. Their numbers in Australia are often quoted as being about 1.1 million, but the question must be asked: where does that figure come from? Given the fact that the ABS does not collect or keep such data we simply cannot accurately know. We do know that at the last national census non-Australians that hold Australian citizenship were invited, and encouraged by the ABC, to identify themselves as simply, Australian.

The only two things we can say with any certainty about the numbers of ethnic Chinese in Australia is the following:

  1. We do not know how many there are; and
  2. There seems to be an awful lot of them.

Ditto for those of Indian ethnicity that have taken advantage of the fifty year old welcome mat to come on in and call themselves Australian. Chinese and Indians are the only two truly mega-populations on the planet, and as with the Chinese, we have no means of accurately knowing how many people in this country are of ethnic Indian heritage. Again: we do not know how many there are, but there are a lot of them around. They do not appear to be as numerous as the Chinese, but they are not that far behind either. They are, for example, the undisputed third most numerous ethnic group within Australia.

It should not surprise anyone that, after Australians, Chinese and Indians are the next biggest demographic groups in this country. After all, they are the two mega-populations of the planet. After these two groups there is a whole potpourri of various races and ethnicities from around the world. Their numbers may not be in the order of the Chinese and Indians, but taken as a broad category of ‘other non-Australians’, they are a substantial group of people.

Returning to the problem of staying in control of a nation that is run on the basis of a majority rules system, no algebra will be required to quickly notice that if current trends continue, Australians are certain to lose our absolute majority status in the near future; probably before 2030. That’s only another three or four elections; it will go very quickly. When that happens ethnic Australians will still be the largest ethnic group in the country, but will no longer represent more than fifty percent of the voting population. We will still hold the plurality of votes, that is: we will still be the largest ethnic group in the country. But this is not going to save us, and here’s why.

If you look at Australia’s ethnic make-up as it is likely to become before the end of this decade, it is likely to look something like the following:

  • Australians – largest group, but less than 50% of the population
  • Chinese – second largest group
  • Indians – third largest group
  • All other non-Australians – smallest group

Maybe one of the other three ethnic groups will feel sorry for us, or extra friendly towards us, and somehow magically align their interests and voting pattern with those of Australians – but somehow that seems fanciful.

What seems more likely, is that the Chinese and Indians will have the smarts to realise that as a coalition they can outvote the Australians, and if they can convince even some of the Other non-white ethnicities to vote with them, then they will become a very strong non-White voting coalition.

And the above scenario does not factor in the thousands of naive Australian idiots, and lets face it, there are many, who will vote for their own ethnic replacement in election after election until they are no longer needed by the new owners.

The Crisis is Now

That is the nightmare scenario that we are facing right now! Not in some distant future; right now! On current trends this will play out before this decade is over. This is not speculation about a remote scenario, this is happening right now, and all we have to do to ensure that it takes place is do nothing and let the current demographic trend continue towards its inevitable conclusion.

Once Australians realise that they have lost the capacity to win a vote on proposed legislation in the Federal and State Parliaments, many of them will have their come to Jesus moment, but it will be too late then! We will have lost control of the democratic process. Hell, we are almost certainly well over half way there now!

Once a Chinese, Indian and Non-White voting coalition takes control of the democratic process, our country will literally be run by immigrants and their children, and what does anyone think they are going to do with regards to immigration? Reduce it? Neutralise the rate? Yeah right. No, they will open the floodgates in direct response to pressure from their co-ethnic electoral constituents. Any non-Australian politician that votes against the demands of his ethnic supporter base will not last five minutes. If you think mass immigration is out of control now, just wait to see.

By that time there will no doubt be a lot of Australians of a former Marxist bent that have had their red pill moment and seen the folly of their youth. But it won’t matter by then. The brown and yellow coaltion will not need the support of the useful idiots any longer. The Chinese and Indians can’t stand Marxists anyway, because they’re all dedicated to cracking their first million and moving up market from there. Money is their god; Marx be damned.

When these things come to pass, and on current trends they will before the end of this decade, Australians will have lost the possibility to effect change by democratic means, and our only two remaining options will be to either accept it and go quietly into the night, or go to war.

And that is the estimate of the situation.