SBS Globalists Are Losing Credibility Due To Coronavirus


Two days ago SBS made up an article where they quoted an imaginary person named ‘Andy Fleming’ who was a ‘far right researcher’. From this credible beginning they went on to link everyone in Australia who was not a far left globalist shill to every bogyman group in the country. Even normies could see through their disingenuous lies this time, so needless to say the comment section called out their fake news in no uncertain terms.

I urge everyone to read this SBS article to get a sense of how the mainstream globalist media is flailing as they lose control of their narrative. First, they conflated all forms of Australian nationalism and identitarianism with their slanders as ‘far right’, ‘white supremacism’ and ‘neo-Nazis’. Then they tried to link anyone who questions vaccines and the 5G role out with their Golem, as if caring for your country, your people and their health makes you an evil monster.

Imagine when Australians take back our country and honest journalists in the XYZ and other alternative outlets properly research topics, and allow representatives from all sides to present their views ‘without bias or agenda’.

If anyone wants to know how Australian or British patriots feel about the Coronavirus pandemic Mark Collette and Way Of The World sum it up perfectly in their latest videos. They show how the Globalist media is using this tragedy to attack patriots and promote antiwhitism with sickening television ads.

Mark Collett:

Way Of The World: