Media reports on Baby Formula Biffo: Nobody mentions race


The XYZ yesterday reported on a video of an Australian man confronting two Chinese people who were allegedly buying more than their allotted share of baby formula tins.

We mentioned the race of the two baby formula shoppers, and of the man who challenged them, because it was central to the entire confrontation. It is well established that Chinese shoppers have been stripping Australian shelves of baby formula and medical supplies to be sent to China, and this has been extensively covered by the mainstream media.

What is remarkable about the confrontation is that an Australian man was prepared to confront a foreigner, to stand up for what it ours. It was a symbolic moment. Hence why no mention can be made of the race of the shoppers by the Fake News Media:

Baby formula fight

There's been an ugly clash at a Melbourne shopping centre over baby formula.


Posted by 7NEWS Melbourne on Sunday, 12 April 2020

“There’s been an ugly clash at a Melbourne shopping centre over baby formula. It happened at the Lilydale Big W as a pair tried to buy a number of tins. Social distancing was forgotten as another shopper took them on.

“Security officers escorted the man and woman out of the store.”

They substituted “a pair” for “a Chinese pair”

They substituted “another shopper” for “an Australian”.

They made the issue “social distancing was forgotten” instead of “this is an example of the growing ethnic and racial awareness of Australians as the imminent prospect of pestilence, famine and death force Australians to ignore Jewish programming and focus on the survival of our people”.

This is how gaslighting operates in real time. As you are watching footage and your eyes tell you exactly what is happening, the news tells you something else is happening.

This pattern can be observed across multiple reports from other sources.

From Yahoo News:

Two men have been filmed nearly coming to blows over baby formula in a Melbourne Big W store over the Easter weekend.

One of the men, wearing a mask, holds two tins of baby formula while lined up for the checkout at the store in Lilydale, in the city’s northeast.

An older man reportedly took issue with the couple trying to exceed the purchase limit of baby formula, according to an onlooker who filmed the incident.

The older customer tell the man to “put it back”.

“What if I don’t? What are you going to do?” the shopper replies.

“I’ll take you outside,” the older man says, while facing off with the man holding the baby formula.

They step closer to each other and the situation grows more tense as they yell at one another.

“Put it back,” the older man says again.

A woman then comes between the pair and the younger man tosses the two tins in a trolley preparing to fight.

He’s pulled back by a woman in his company as he tries to confront the older man again. He’s repeatedly pulled back as another shopper steps in.

A staff member then intervenes and tells him to leave. “You’re not allowed to buy the formula and that’s it,” she says.

No mention of race.

From the Daily Mail:

Two shoppers have squared off in a fiery exchange over baby formula at a Big W store.

A couple wearing face masks and carrying two tins of formula each were seen lining up at the checkout in footage shared on Saturday…

A man confronted the duo as they waited in line and said: ‘Put it back’.

The woman responded ‘none of your business’ and her male companion added ‘what have I done?’

The incident quickly escalated when the two men stepped towards each other, only separated by another shopper’s trolley.

‘I’ll take you outside buster,’ the man told the other, who was latching onto the tins.

Concerned shoppers began to scream ‘no’, in a desperate attempt to separate the pair.

The two men were not fazed by social distancing rules and found themselves face-to-face during the blowout.

‘Put it back,’ the man said again before his opponent screamed ‘no!’

The baby formula shopper dropped the tins into a trolley and lunged towards the man before other witnesses interjected.

A security guard then walked the man and woman from the store.

A Big W staff member said: ‘You’re not allowed to buy the formula and that’s it.’

No mention of race.


Shoppers at a Big W store had to be separated after an altercation over baby formula — and the entire scene was captured on video.

The footage shows shoppers confronting a man and a woman in Big W after they were reportedly seen lining up multiple times at the checkout with baby formula tins.

A man carrying two tins of formula and wearing a face mask was told by another customer to “put them back” because Big W places a limit on the number of tins per customer.

The conflict escalates before other shoppers and staff quickly step in, confiscating the tins and escorting the pair out of the store…

The confrontation escalated when a man standing in line behind the couple stepped forward and told them to “put it back”.

The woman responded by telling him it was “none of your business” while her male companion asked, “what have I done?”.

“I’ll take you outside buster,” an elderly shopper tells the man the holding the tins, before the two begin lunging at each other.

Other shoppers can be seen in the footage running over to separate the pair before a Big W staff member steps.

“You’re not allowed to buy the formula and that’s it,” she tells the pair.

No mention of race.

We are in the absurd situation where ‘wearing face masks’ and ‘baby formula shoppers’ appears to be the new euphemism for “Asians”.

Each news outlet skilfully slides around why the confrontation actually occurred.

From Yahoo News:

Woolworths, which owns Big W, has a two-tin limit on purchasing tins of baby formula to prevent people bulk buying the item for re-sale online, typically to to Chinese buyers.

From the Daily Mail:

“Big W and major supermarkets Coles and Woolworths enforce a two-tin baby formula limit due to the popularity of ‘daigou shoppers’ buying the product in bulk to sell for a profit online to China.”

Notice that while they acknowledge the fact that Australian baby formula is being shipped to China, they avoid any mention of race when describing the actual incident. took it a step further:

“Major retailers like Big W, Coles and Woolworths have long maintained an in-store policy of two baby formula tins per purchase to deter those thought to be buying on behalf of others and shipping products overseas.”

“Overseas”. So, like, literally anywhere.

This is how the media avoids linking the race of the “baby formula shoppers” with their motivation. Mentioning the possibility that Chinese “baby formula shoppers“ deliberately flout the rules in order to send baby formula to China because they are Chinese is strictly forbidden.

A similar game is played with the motive of the Australian man.

From Yahoo News:

It’s not clear if he’s being prevented from buying the formula due to the fracas but a woman who posted the video on Facebook claims he had been in the store earlier and purchased four tins.

“After being told they had been in already and bought 4 tins … they still had the nerve to fight for the 4 tins,” she wrote alongside a video of the incident posted to Facebook on Saturday.

From Daily Mail:

The woman who shared the video claimed the couple were seen at another shopping centre before the incident.

‘They still had the nerve to fight for the 4 tins,’ she wrote.

Kudos Rod for standing up and to the staff at Big W for kicking them out.’


Many have shared words of support on social media for the man who confronted the couple, saying enough is enough.

“This was always going to happen. Quiet Australians will take matters into their own hands when they’ve had enough of the piss-take,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Well done to the gentleman who had the courage to call them out,” added another. “If we all showed the same courage, this behaviour would not occur. Enough is enough!”

The media makes the issue about behaviour rather than race, about people behaving in an un-Australian manner rather than being un-Australian. Read just one article and it may be missed. When you compare the three news articles and the one TV report, the way each subtly avoids the elephant in the room, in exactly the same way, is remarkable.

It is almost like a memo has gone around.

The coronavirus lockdown and impending economic depression is forcing people to abandon the pretence of political correctness in favour of simple survival. The media is desperate to keep genuine discussion of Australian identity out of the public sphere for as long as possible.

This is because the media hates you and wants you dead. The media cannot be reformed. It must be removed.