Globalist Australian Government makes Globalist Social Media pay ransom to Globalist Fake News Media


Nothing in the following article makes any sense aside from the stated motivation – the Fake News Media’s advertising revenue has dried up since the Diversity Flu Outbreak. Other than this, none of the logic used to justify this legislation makes sense.

From the Australian:

Global tech giants Google and Facebook will be forced to pay media companies for siphoned news content posted on their sites under a landmark decision by the Morrison government to impose a mandatory code of conduct on digital platforms.

The move to legislate will see Australia become the first government to impose a legal regime including financial penalties around the behaviour of the digital platforms that have used unregulated space to cannibalise and profit from content produced by the news media.

The mandatory code would ­reverse the imbalance and force the tech companies to pay for the content they siphon from news media companies, share their consumer data and be subject to rules on the rankings of news on their platforms.

Josh Frydenberg said the decision to accelerate the move was prompted by advice last week from the competition watchdog that the tech companies were dragging the chain on negotiations to reach a voluntary code by November and were unlikely to come to the table.

Negotiations? Over what? Each has something which the other wants. Globalist Media creates what can be more or less described as content. Globalist Social Media literally has a captive audience. Trade audience for content and it’s a win-win for the globalists. There is nothing to negotiate.

The collapse in the advertising market since the COVID-19 outbreak has compounded the ­urgency of an issue that was ­already threatening to undermine the future of Australian journalism.

More like worldwide journalism. Learn to code.

The decision is a major win for tradi­tional media companies and consumers by returning bargaining power to the news media ­industry, which claims it had been forced to a tipping point by the unfair practices of the global digital platforms that have been able to take and post locally produced content without paying for it.

The Treasurer said the fundamental issue was the media companies that generated content, only to have it replicated for free on digital platforms, deserved to be paid for it. “The groundbreaking report prepared by the ACCC into digital platforms was world-leading and now paves the way for a mandatory code of conduct ­requiring payment for content,” Mr Frydenberg said. “This will help to create a level playing field.”

Bear in mind I am not taking anybody’s side here, this is like picking a side between the USSR and the PRC, but this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Globalist Media claiming their content gets reposted for free on Globalist Social Media, and that their content is “siphoned”, does not make sense.

Globalist Media gets to use Globalist Social Media for free.  It costs nothing to establish a Facebook page.  It’s free advertising.

Globalist Media realistically don’t even need to spend money on SEO because Globalist Social Media and Globalist Google siphon people to Globalist Media. Globalist Media would not have been able to survive the last four years since its humiliation at the hands of Donald Trump without working directly with Globalist Social Media, which has done everything it can to minimise the reach or simply outright ban all competitors to what are now farcically referred to as “trusted sources”.

Taking an educated guess, Globalist Media realises this is the end game. It has been bleeding money for years because it is losing its audience. People simply no longer trust Globalist Media. The Chinese Coronavirus from China could be the killer blow. It is likely then that Globalist Media has better ties, better lobbyists, or just more dirt on the people who matter in Canberra, than Globalist Social Media. They have pulled their weight to ensure the government enacts legislation which favours it over Globalist Social Media.

There is no free market in the globalist system. The government, the media and social media are all owned and run by globalists, for globalists, and they do not have the interests of real Australians at heart. We can take some comfort in watching them cannibalise each other as the globalist system collapses.

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David has studied history and political science at Melbourne University. His thesis was written on how the utilisation of Missile Defence can help to achieve nuclear disarmament. His interest in history was piqued by playing a flight simulator computer game about the Battle of Britain, and he hopes to one day siphon the earnings from his political writings into funding the greatest prog-rock concept album the world has ever seen.