China boycott could threaten Australia’s supply of useless crap


When the Chinese ambassador insinuates that if Australia pushes for an international enquiry into the Chinese origin of the Chinese Diversity Flu, then Chinese people may stop consuming Aussie wine and beef, you know he’s bluffing.

Notice he didn’t say anything about all the cars we make, though.

From MSN:

China has threatened to stop importing wine and beef from Australia if the Morrison government continues to push for an inquiry into the origin of the global coronavirus outbreak.

But Foreign Minister Marise Payne dismissed China’s unprecedented threat of economic retaliation.

Chinese ambassador Cheng Jingye said that Canberra’s call for a global COVID-19 review could trigger a Chinese consumer boycott of Australian services and products.

“It’s up to the people to decide. Maybe the ordinary people will say, ‘why should we drink Australian wine? Eat Australian beef?” he said.

Senator Payne rejected “any suggestion that economic coercion is an appropriate response to a call for such an assessment, when what is needed is global co-operation”.

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said the boycott would be inappropriate.

“Australia’s position is very clear that we believe it is entirely reasonable … for there to be a genuine inquiry and investigation into the cause of the loss of life of hundreds of thousands of people around the world,” he told the ABC.

“We won’t be changing our public policy position, on the face of such a serious public health matter, in the face of any threats of coercion from any other nation.”

Obviously, Australia’s leaders are trying to be diplomatic. They could quite rightly suggest that if the Chinese stop buying our high quality agricultural produce then Aussies might stop buying China’s low quality industrial products, ie useless crap. However, perhaps our leaders don’t want to draw attention to the fact that they are the ones responsible for driving our industry to China in the first place.

It is at this point that we should ask ourselves if we derive any benefit at all from our ties with China. This goes beyond having a glut of half broken electronics in exchange for not having enough face masks and baby powder during a pandemic.

Several decades ago we were told that trade with China would open China to the West and the West’s values. China’s totalitarian communist dictatorship could transform into a liberal democracy because free markets breed liberal democracy. Instead we have only strengthened China’s position by allowing it to develop its industrial capacity while degrading our own. China continues to conduct itself aggressively internationally while it brutalises its own people.

Simultaneously, millions of Chinese people have come to the West, particularly to Australia. This has skewed our education sector, as universities became addicted to the money Chinese students brought in exchange for a back door Visa. It skewed our property market, as house prices and rent soared due to the artificial demand created by mass immigration. Our once beautiful cities are now congested, and entire suburbs have become Chinese colonies.

Native Australians are being replaced in our own land by Chinese immigration. Cost of living pressures mean that Aussies are choosing to have fewer babies, so we are constantly informed that they only way to keep the population growing, and thus keep the economy growing, is to import even more people.

Australians are categorically worse off since we started trading with China than we were before. Our entire economic model has become a population replacement program.

Our advertisers used to flog Australian made cars to buff Aussie blokes and our bikini clad sheilas.

Now when you look up videos of Chinese people eating weird things on the internet, our advertisers flog Australian gas and the superficial Aussie lifestyle to our foreign replacements.

Advertisement is the art of lying, but the subtext is nothing but bitter truth.

The sooner we cut ties with China the better. We don’t want China, and we don’t need China.