A Ryan Rant – Episode 118 – Trust The Plandemic


As the Jews finished up celebrating the plagues of Passover this last week, Jonathan Greenblatt over at the ADL has been struggling to remind everyone that noticing the cause of the coronavirus spread is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

With Rabbis schooling the online shule attendees that coronavirus is for the gentiles not the Jews, and Jews from Israel to New York to the UK coofing on anyone suspected of being anti-Semites, is it any surprise that when ZOG puts quarantine controls over critical information we’re likely to have outcomes not dissimilar to that of the Titanic?

As the Iranian Health Ministry sponsors an awesome coronavirus cartoon contest, and Chuck “the schmuck” Schumer struggles to get his really big nose into a N95 respirator, some people say the gematria of COVID-19 has more nefarious meanings, and others question how long till the end of the Kali Yuga so we can cycle back into the Golden Age.

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