A Ryan Rant – Episode 75 – The Night Before Christmas


Twas the night before Christmas as Santa decried,
“These so-called Chosen have once again lied,
Their Holocaust scam is bought by the few,
Who go out of their way to worship the Blue.

“Promoting the most vile of communist trash,
As they gaslight their golems to go fight the fash,
These big nosed bastards may soon well see,
Another expulsion come into being.

“For over the years White Christians inured
The malevolent antics of the unholy lurid,
Who’ve worked to ignite the fires of hate,
Which some people seek to accelerate.

“So if you’re looking for that special gift,
That will likely cause a coveted rift,
Focus not on clicking ‘add to your cart’,
But rather that which comes from the heart”

Heed Santa’s words my fellow Whites,
We’ll strive to win all these fights,
And as Santa will tell you the average elf,
Is pretty sure Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Originally published December 24, 2019.

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