A Ryan Rant – Episode 155 – Roald Dahl Is A Legend And The Kosher Woke Are Twits


A couple of years back when the demonic kippah wearing vermin at the Anti-Defamation League strongarmed Roald Dahl’s family into apologizing for his “antisemitism”, I made sure to affirm that Roald Dahl did nothing wrong and that those accusing him of wrongdoing were ostensibly functionally retarded Shabbos goy stooge oxygen thieves unworthy of life.

In the last day or so we’ve seen where this Jewish “wokeness” takes us when Roald Dah’s publishers moved to bastardize the language in his children’s books with pernicious politically correct editing.

This is once again more proof that these grotesque “Pintele Yid” monsters are an explicit affront to freedom of speech.

As someone who knows all too well firsthand what these Kabbalistic sorcerers seek to suppress, I find it telling that woke universities are all too willing to permeate their black magic, against objectively truthful writers who call out the Rothschild terrorist base of Isra-hell, whilst year on year hate of them continues to grow leaps and bounds.

Daily reminder that if you’re prepared to censor and re-write for Jewish hegemony, no amnesty should ever cover you from the equal and opposite reaction that inevitably will ensue.

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