Bog Roll Bandits Hit Western Sydney Woollies


Clownworld has brought our civilisation into the Bog Roll Boogaloo. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Bog Roll Bandits.

From the Daily Mail:

Two men accused of stealing more than 500 rolls of toilet paper after breaking into a string of Woolworths supermarkets in Sydney are on the run from police.

Police said the men targeted four stores in the city’s western suburbs between 7pm and 8.30pm on Sunday.

The pair allegedly broke into the supermarkets’ restricted storage areas, stealing bulk amounts of toilet paper from stores in Granville and Auburn.
They also broke into stores in nearby Bass Hill and Lidcombe but fled empty-handed.

‘It was also reported that one of the men threatened an employee with a knife at the Auburn store,’ police said in a statement.

Police are investigating and have issued a picture of the alleged crime in progress in the hope someone will recognise them.


Oh wait, here it is:

Look at the schnoz on that one.

The first man is described as being of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance, about 185-190cm tall, aged in his 30s, with a solid build.

He has tattoos on his arms and was wearing a grey polo shirt with blue track pants.

The second man is described as being 175-180cm tall with a slim build, aged between 30-35, and was wearing black Adidas pants and a camouflage hooded jumper.

Ask these foreign fatties if they know them:

Here is where I find the framing of this issue interesting, by the media, politicians and even ordinary people:

NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott urged anyone with information to come forward and report to police.

I support any measures taken by police to protect our communities from this sort of disgraceful criminal activity, ‘ he said on Tuesday.

‘The people of NSW will not tolerate criminal behaviour at any time let alone during this crisis.

‘People need to grow up and look out for our most vulnerable.’

The alleged theft followed weeks of toilet paper shortages after panic buyers cleared supermarket shelves of loo roll to stockpile for the coronavirus pandemic.

Some shoppers have even become embroiled in ugly confrontations over the limited stock.

Supermarkets have been forced to enforce purchasing restrictions and customers are only allowed one packet per person.

The Daily Mail conveniently omits the fact that Chinese gangs based in Melbourne have been systematically stripping regional stores, a continuation of a pattern of behaviour which has already been set in Australia’s cities with regard to baby milk formula.

Supplies of toilet paper are plentiful in Australia but supermarkets had been selling six weeks worth of the product in a single day, putting severe strain on the supply chain.

Police were even forced to hand out toilet paper at a Woolworths store in Sydney last week.

Footage of from inside the store showed people eagerly lining up for the much sought-after product.

Rolls of toilet paper are even being sold for extortionate prices on websites such as eBay, Gumtree and Facebook’s Marketplace.

One advertisement on Facebook listed a single roll for $100, while another was seemingly charging $200.

Another tongue-in-cheek message offered a roll for $1,000 – or $10 per sheet.

Expressions such as “disgraceful”, “grow up”, “panic buyers”, “ugly confrontations” and even “extortionate prices” are not expressions I would use. People would not be stripping shelves and lining up around the block the world over if there was not something going on:


A Costco in Bakersfield, California.

Posted by David Hilton on Sunday, 15 March 2020

People would not be asking $100-$200 for toilet paper if other people were not prepared to pay for it. This is called the market. It is the sum of the collective intelligence of everybody, and it reflects the judgments and the predictions made by every single person about what we value, what we want and what we think we are going to need. In times of crisis the things we predict we are going to need tend to become a lot more valuable, and a lot more expensive. This is normal, and entirely predictable.

Thus, there is no such thing as a so-called “panic buyer”. Everybody is behaving entirely rationally, even the elephants from the earlier video.

Here’s why.

For several decades now, we have all been told that we are going to have to change everything about our modern lives because our very existence is destroying the planet. Apparently, we have to hamstring our electricity grids, stop flying and using cars, stop having white babies, stop using plastic, eat the bugs, give up having European majority nations and give all our money to the Third World.

I have argued that the only logical explanation for the Greta Thunberg phenomenon is that she has been crafted as a weapon of psychological warfare against the native populations of the West. Where’s the lie? Now that there are Great Depression-level job losses and queues outside Centrelink, the clearing of shelves worldwide, city after city is locked down and international travel brought to a standstill, the end of the world we have been conditioned to accept is suddenly upon us.

Due to a virus created in labs.

So the Fed can buy the world.

It is perfectly reasonable that people want to store for themselves a last luxury of modern civilisation. They call us “panic buyers” because they want us to cower and eat the bugs. Stop calling people who are preparing for the chaos of the New World Order “panic buyers”.

Just stop it.