Love in the time of Corona


Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill on 21/3/2020. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

Today is the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. Here in the Netherlands it is a beautiful clear day, although a little on the chilly side. Nevertheless, I plan to fire up the charcoal barbeque tomorrow for a decent side of 8 hour pulled pork, the first of the season. I picked it up yesterday from my local butcher. Everything looked normal there but the same could not be said of the city in general. The streets were close to deserted, the shops and businesses mostly closed. A few individuals on bicycles but nothing more.

The times they are a-changing.

I listened to part of Cappy’s latest rant where he goes off against women in general. Apparently guys are getting messaged left right and center by women who previously would not give them the time of day, but now that their made up jobs are on the line they are suddenly overwhelmed with the terror of needing to find a decent provider.

This virus is a ho-hum snore variety sickness that so far tends to knock off the old, the gay and the Asian. The reaction to it is the real crisis and contrary to what most people think it is not a manufactured one. Rather, we as a society have grown immensely soft and complacent. Since the Second World War we haven’t had to put up with any real form of general discomfort or fear. We’ve been one step away from a general panic of this nature for some time; I would say that it is long overdue.

In our comfort and complacency we have found immense time for the trivialities of life. This reached its peak in the argument over “trans rights” and whether there were 57 or 58 genders. Societies only have time for this sort of nonsense when times are good and the shelves at the shops are always full. When people have to start worrying over whether they’ll be lucky enough to score some eggs then the frivolous intellectual fashions of the time disappear faster than toilet rolls at a colitis seminar.

So back to the girls. This is their first real collective crisis in their lifetimes. Up to now they went all in on the ‘girls need a man like a fish needs a bicycle’ mantra. Because they were able to. It was true up until the point when it wasn’t true anymore. That happened a few days’ ago. Now being alone isn’t the real luxury that they were sold on, particularly when they have no idea how to gut and skin a cat for the casserole.

If this crisis fizzes out in a couple of weeks then it will be back to the old normal. The girls will have had a scare but they’ll quickly convince themselves that all is good in their make believe propaganda world. But if this moment in time shifts society then I predict a rush on finding a guy, settling down and even having babies. It will take a big shift, the kind where all of the globalist trends of the last 50 years get thrown out the window, but I now think that it is possible.

Men could well find themselves in demand again. Which means no more of the soy boy and male feminist rubbish. Men with actual jobs who have done the hard yards. My advice is to not sell yourselves short. But in saying that, the first women to realise which way the wind is blowing are the ones that will probably be the most desirable. Just insist on a Christian marriage before God, and that He is the big boss and after Him comes you. None of this equality rubbish. Because just who is bringing home the bacon?