A Ryan Rant – Episode 108 – Bubonic Bagels


Following an earlier report put out this week by XYZ pundit David Hilton, which further reinforces another running meme at the moment, it’s becoming clear that the so-called “Wu Flu” has transitioned into the dreaded “Jew Flu”.

As has been reported broadly across the corporate and alt media the estimated R&D waiting period for a coronavirus vaccine is to take “years”, however according to Israeli scientists the supposed wait time for a vaccine will only be weeks.

This begs the question whether this is not merely one more deception attributed to the tribe of Jacob, and whether such deception can adequately be subdued in a world where their bubonic brain AIDS manipulation is everywhere.

With a myriad of lobbies lauding the ludenpresse, for gaslighting goyim with Gadsden tier individualism, playing to a slew of apocalyptic tropes, some people say it’s demonstrably clear who profits from riding the waves of the corona culture as it were.

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