Greta wanted this


As the Caronavirus crisis unfolds, it is an opportune moment to reflect on the convergence between the unfolding outcomes and the desires of Greta and the church of climatology.

Greta does not want us to fly. Now we do not want to fly.

Professional sporting leagues require a significant volume of travel, and not the kind of unicorn powered sail boat. Now, professional sporting leagues are in the process of playing in empty stadiums and will inevitably cancel their seasons in the next two weeks.

Greta and the climatoligists really do not like older, conservative people. They vote wrong, are deplorable, have stolen her childhood and do not seem keen to embrace climatology. Now this older genration need to self isolate and are the highest risk group from the crisis.

So many of the things we enjoy about modern life involve interacting with others, such as festivals, sporting events, travel, tourism. The current crisis gives us an insight into the changes that Greta is trying to permanently implement.

Often, it is hard to appreciate those things we take for granted. As this crisis unfolds, it is a great moment to reflect on aspects of modern life which we take for granted and stand to lose at the behest of the climatologists. Lest we forget.