A Ryan Rant – Episode 101 – The Cost Of A Holo Dollar


To recap episode 99 of A Ryan Rant where we lightly addressed the fake history underpinning the guilt industry which props up the “Pintele Yid”, it appears Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (at yet another holocaust memorial opening) has committed the full force of the Federal Zionist Occupation Government of Australia to eradicating patriots and nationalists who point out the lack of congruity surrounding set story.

As was reported on Tuesday by their ABC, Mike Burgess the Director General of Security for Australia’s pro-Zionist criminal “national security agency” ASIO has reinforced Frydenberg’s remarks, by citing a joint Mossad-FBI-CIA honeypot known as ‘The Base’ as having attracted “international memberships, including from Australians”.

While it has been common knowledge for a while now that ASIO has run entrapment operations against the Islamic community using agent provocateurs, it should be noted that ASIO has a fluent history of doing likewise against right-wing circles in Australia all for the benefit of a certain 0.4% of the Australian population who expect unlimited access and influence over Australian institutional power.

What they fear now is the fact that the counter-culture which continues to grow leaps and bounds against them, is so hostile to their influence and self-fulfilling prophecy that they worry about what will happen to them when too many people realise the egregious degree to which they’ve been lied, tricked and tormented into submission.

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