Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder vs Abortion



Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder — FASD — is not good for a child to have. It is also very easy to avoid. All that is needed is for a woman to avoid drinking alcohol while pregnant.

Because of FASD some well-intentioned people want to put clearer warning labels on alcoholic beverages. Such labels might help reduce the incidence of FASD. Here and here are links to recent stories about this topic.

Well I find this all jolly well confusing. Are we supposed to try to stop pregnant women from harming their babies, or not?

Shouldn’t those warning labels be 500 meters away from the bottles, rather than on them? Shouldn’t the people who put those warning labels directly on the bottles be fined, sued or imprisoned?

Isn’t a baby not even human until its body is completely outside its mother’s body? Wait, hold on, what am I saying — a pregnant woman is only a woman’s body, right? There is no other body involved. ‘Her body, her choice.’

So if there is only one body, what are all these FASD warnings about?

Well now I’m muddled up even more. Is there anyone out there who can explain this to me?