Men should avoid intelligent women


Reader Eric took umbrage to my article on females wasting their time on college degrees, but not regards the central premise. Rather, he disagreed with my claim that men are only interested in women who are young, feminine and beautiful.

“So, in regard to your assertion that: “Men want young, beautiful, feminine and dutiful women who will treat them well and honor them.”

“While I do not disagree with the desireability of any of the qualities that you list here, I suggest that you are leaving out a very important one: intelligence. Men also want intelligent women.

“Because, let’s face it, the opposite of intelligence, which is stupidity, is not a desirable trait in any potential mate, male or female. It’s not a desirable trait in any human being, potential mate or note.

“So, I don’t care how beautiful or big-busted any woman is if she’s stupid. Stupid is a turn off, a buzzkill. Smart is sexy. (I think that works for both sexes.)”

By the time I got to this part I thought to myself that Eric must be hooked up with an intelligent woman. Sure enough, he is. But even worse than that, she’s a redhead, and we all know my opinion about those dangerous creatures.

Eric’s own rather small sample size aside, I am of the strong opinion that intelligent women are a bad bet. For a start, an intelligent woman is much more likely to have gone to college. Which in my view makes her stupid because only stupid people these days get caught by what is now quite obviously a racket. So maybe all the chicks in college aren’t intelligent at all. Time to look for your next love while paying for your groceries. Unless they got rid of the checkout chicks and installed those horrible do the work yourself and then pay for it payment stations.

But Eric is dealing in extremes. Just because a woman is not intelligent does not make her stupid. The intelligence bell curve clearly shows that the majority of women lie around the 100 IQ mark. Men are both dumber and smarter than women according to the IQ distribution mean. If you’re a smart man and you also want a smart woman, there aren’t that many to choose from. Luckily you’ll have your pick because intelligence is not a desirable trait that men look for. At least not those with any brains.

The biggest reason to avoid intelligent women is that in general they are trouble. Yes, they are intelligent, but they’re still women. Which means that their emotions rule the roost because all women are like that. High intelligence coupled with emotional mood swings and an emotional approach to practical realities is a prime combination for misery.

“So, an intelligent man or woman is going to want to mate with an intelligent person of the opposite sex. Because, let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how beautiful or “dutiful” a woman is (as if a man doesn’t also have to be dutiful to his wife), if she doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together, her fertility and her cup size won’t matter a damn, because she won’t be able to properly take care of or raise her children. (See: Markle, Megan.)“

Megan Markle is a chronic narcissist, so intelligence has nothing to do with it, (although perhaps the two are related. I have known a number of narcissistic women in my life who were highly intelligent.)

But the claim that average intelligence women are hamstrung in regards to raising their children is fanciful at best. On the contrary, a moderately intelligent woman will be more successful in raising her children primarily because the role of a housewife will be satisfying for her. It’s hard for your average go-getter girl to raise the kids when she’s out in the workforce punching that non-existent glass ceiling.

No, give me an average intelligent women who is hawt, young and feminine any day. She is much more likely to be dutiful and worship her husband than her really smart cohorts. But more than that, there is one more really good reason for men to avoid intelligent women. One of the biggest mistakes in the relationship world that men can make is to fall for the trap that your partner is also your best friend. That is a highway to disaster. Your best friends are your male buddies. Your wife is another thing entirely.

You never try to logically argue with your wife or to convince her of the soundness of your arguments on anything. The man is in charge of the household and is responsible for it. That is what women want, whether they admit it openly or not. They want a strong leader who will lead. Your 100 IQ point girl is going to be much more pleasant to deal with in this regard than a 135 IQ harpy.

To reiterate, men want young, feminine and beautiful women without tattoos, (but I’m repeating myself). Bonus points if they are virgins. But intelligent? No way. Leave those to the risk takers. It might pay off but it probably won’t.

Adam has expanded on his thoughts here in the following podcast:

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