Anti-Australia Day marchers are ugly losers


News the last couple of days has been dominated by Victoria Police’s profiling of patriot activist Neil Erikson. In current year clownworld you are encouraged to hold an Australian flag in the heart of Melbourne on Australia Day at 10 AM, but you will be arrested for it if you do so beyond midday.

The policeman who ripped the Australian flag off Erickson looked very awkward when he realised that he should probably treat our flag with a little more dignity on Australia Day, especially when video of him doing so would be seen by over 150,000 people.


This moment proved to be the a somewhat predictable apex of a very predictable day, as events played out much the same way as last year. The official Australia Day parade was a display of civic nationalist cuckoldry, where people of every race who reside here marched carrying their national flags and doing their national dance.

Dancers from the Subcontinent. Australia Day march, Melbourne, 26/1/2020. XYZ.
Lebanese flags, Australia Day march, Melbourne, 26/1/2020. XYZ.

It was at least led by our hero firefighters, which simply goes to show that if you are a heritage Australian you at least get to participate in ceremonies celebrating your country if you literally risk your own skin.

Once over, several groups of ordinary Aussies waited for the anti-Australian march to make its way to the corner of Flinders and Swanston. The communist Victorian government was clearly keen to avoid the optics of feral leftists near-lynching an Aussie bloke with his own Australian flag all over again, so they merely got their political enforcement arm, ie Victoria Police, to do it for them this time.



Then hundreds of Marxists eventually made their way down. The ABC claimed there were tens of thousands but they are lying. What you will find interesting about this article in the Guardian about the anti-Australian marches across Australia is that no precise figures are given for any of the specific marches.

Normal people foreground, ugly freaks in background. Invasion Day march, Melbourne, 26/1/2020. XYZ.

Just like last year, they had their curiously uniformed sentries. One of them gave us greasies as Matty and I chatted with the Proud Boys.

What’s with the red armbands? Invasion Day march, Melbourne, 26/1/2020. XYZ.

3CR attended to help amplify the the rally to their dozens of listeners. They weren’t even all that loud. We got bored and went home.

The value of the day occurred during what seemed an interminable wait between the official march and the anti-Australia march. It gave us the opportunity to observe the difference between the type of people who go to a rally against their own country on the one hand, and everybody else on the other. We observed a succession of reasonably attractive women and well groomed men making their way either to the tennis centre or to Federation Square where the tennis was been shown on a big screen.

Tennis THOTs. Invasion Day march, Melbourne, 26/1/2020. XYZ.

Meanwhile, the following is a sample of the specimens we observed making their way to or from the anti-Australia march.

This butch jeered the Proud Boys. Australia Day, Melbourne, 26/1/2020. XYZ.
Green hair. Source.
Urgh. Source.
Paunch from Yelling At Racist Dogs.
Courtesy of Peter V
Courtesy of Peter V
There are no words. Courtesy of Peter V.

Many SIMPs were also witnessed orbiting low value white and half-caste women.  We got chatting at one point to a based boomer who wanted to know what the hell was going on.  He could barely believe people would protest against Australia on Australia Day.  He said he would love to have five minutes alone with one of them in a room, and the room wouldn’t be padded.  It is something we have to remember about a lot of Aussies.  They don’t need the red pill, because they never took the blue pill in the first place.

So this is what we are up against. A bunch of losers. When the ABC boasts that tens of thousands of Australians joined the anti-Australian marches across the country, what they don’t tell you is that they were all disgusting fat slobs. That is because the ABC is full of the same.

Basically, the people marching against Australia were self-hating ugly people who nobody likes. The moral of the story is that we have to redpill the Chads and Staceys.