Quote of the Day: Moochers can pay us to leave


Yesterday Mark Moncrieff proposed paying foreign invaders to leave Australia as a solution to our impending demographic replacement. The final point he made was that migrants regularly find that life in the West doesn’t always live up to expectations:

“Not everyone who immigrates is happy with the decision and here is a chance to help them find their way home.”

People from outside the West look at what we have here and see we have a better standard of living than them, so obviously they want in. When they arrive they discover they have simply been herded here in order to tick a diversity box and keep Australia’s property ponzi going just a little bit longer, as I pointed out last year:

“Immigrants to Australia are mistaken if they think they are coming to a country with a free market. In Australia, big business uses its power and its money to influence the political process, stifle competition and protect their own patch. That is not capitalism, it is crony capitalism. Successive governments have taxed and regulated our manufacturing industry into the ground, and Australian unions finished it off. That doesn’t sound like a free market.

“With the mining boom over, the construction industry has become the main driver of the economy. Given that the birthrate of real Australians has declined so sharply due to cost of living pressures which are the result of over taxation and over regulation, the only way to keep the construction industry pumping is to bring in hundreds of thousands of new customers every year. Successive Australian governments have effectively intervened in the housing market and construction industry by keeping demand, and thus prices, artificially high by force-feeding it new customers.

“Dear immigrants, this is why you are here.”

What’s great is that this cannot last, and the bubble may burst sooner rather than later. If this occurs, the boot may soon be on the other foot, as noted by a reader on Gab:

“You don’t need to worry. Once Australia is properly boned then they will be paying people smugglers (Aussies can get into this lucrative industry) in order to escape Australia and go to another country where they can mooch. At least we can pay back Indonesia, our people smugglers will send them ten times the illegals that they sent us!”

It could be the growth industry of the future.

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