A Not So Gay Poem

Image by Ryan Fletcher.

I’ll wilt with offence at you sheer insolence,
Suggesting my perversions are invalid,
LGBT, a free for all rainbow equality,
In an anti-family multi tolerance salad.

I’ll swoon at the sound of your hate filled hound
That criticises my gayness,
Because my sole identity is a sausage fest suppository
That revolves around my anus.

I’ll screech and moan and endlessly groan
‘Bout equality, tolerance and diversity
While hating one and all who have the gall
To cling to outdated normality.

I’ll speak with venomous tongue about teaching your young
The wonders of my putrefied depravity.
The drugs, the disease, the suicides, the sleaze
The shit-stained existence of immoral vacuity.

If the West falls because of emasculated balls
The problem I created will bear fruit.
I’ll leave behind; a society of sick, depraved mind,
But I’ll burn in Hell, an agonised, teeth gnashing destitute.