XYZ Live #89 – Media Hilariously Rally to Defend Press Freedom! #HonkHon


Yesterday, the major news outlets in Australia blanked out their front pages to protest two AFP raids on journalists in June this year, and the heavy use of suppression orders in Australia, particularly Victoria, launching the imaginatively titled Right To Know campaign.

We in the independent media find this extremely hypocritical given that the mainstream media in Australia has for years suppressed the message of nationalists, Christians and traditionalists. The MSM has advocated for deplatforming on social media, and works hand in glove with the terrorist networks Antifa and Slackbastard which harasses, doxxes and assaults patriots.

If a few mainstream “journalists” are finding themselves at the wrong end of the law – FOR BREAKING THE LAW – then all we can say is, suffer in your jocks.

There will be more to come on this topic in coming days, but for now here is our discussion of the topic in last night’s XYZ Live. We also discussed the latest attack on Australia Day, thanks to Port Phillip Council who plan to hold a “morning of mourning”, as well as our frequent tangents.

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