No Vegemite for you: ISIS Brides are not Australian

No vegemite for you.

WARNING: contains graphic content.

Apparently every muslim wanting to come back to a Western country from the short lived Islamic State was a cook.

From the New York Times:

A lieutenant in the Asayish, the Iraqi Kurdish region’s intelligence service, put one hand on his holstered pistol and pointed with the other hand at a spot on the tiled floor. The prisoner understood and knelt on that spot, as an Asayish corporal tied the man’s hands behind his back with a scarf..

“It doesn’t matter what you do, I’m not going to spy for you,” said the man, Salah Hassan, 32, who described himself as a former construction worker..

“We don’t care about that,” the lieutenant said. “Just tell the truth.”

“Yes, tell them you’re ISIS,” the corporal said, brandishing a pipe in the prisoner’s face. “Don’t lie.”

Mr. Hassan hung his head and admitted it, then looked up. “I was only a cook.”

The lieutenant laughed good-naturedly. “Tens of them tell me they were cooks,” he said. “They had so many cooks, you’d think all they did was eat.”

Guess what’s in the burgers.

Former ISIS head choppers wanting to be let back into Australia are pulling the same leg.

From the Australian:

Among those held by the Kurds is Sydney man Hamza Elbaf, who in 2014 made national headlines after he travelled with his three brothers to Syria and joined Islamic State.

The 27-year-old played down his role within the terror group, telling Kurdish media he was a cook, not a combatant.

The women who travelled to the Islamic State to secure the existence of the Caliphate now have their own trick.

From the Daily Mail:

A group of ISIS brides and their children are living in a row of tents called ‘Australia Street’ inside a Syrian camp.

The women left their homes in Sydney and Melbourne to travel to the Middle East and marry ISIS fighters – but now find themselves stranded and desperate to return.

There are 20 Australian women and 46 children stranded in northern Syria following the defeat of ISIS.

As Syria becomes a war ground once again – this time between Turkey and the Kurdish militia – the women have grown more anxious about threats to their safety and that of their children….

Zahra Ahmed – one of the women living on ‘Australia Street’ – said she is afraid of losing her life in the Middle East.

You literally travelled to a war zone to bear children for ISIS savages. You only want to come back now because you lost.

The women living on ‘Australia Street’ inside the Al-Hawl camp asked outsiders if they brought Vegemite with them, and have been pleading with Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to come back.

Again, we call BS. These people know just what to say. We’ll leave the honours to Twitter:

Here’s the point. Liking vegemite does not make you Australian. Speaking in an Aussie accent does not make you Australian. Even being an Australian citizen does not make you Australian.

Being descended of the British stock who settled this country makes you Australian.

Many Real Australians have forgotten this. Hence we are subjected to this nonsense:

Ahmed claimed it was ‘unfair’ that the Australia wasn’t making efforts to rescue them.

‘If the Australian army can’t come out to save its own Australian citizens, then what’s the Australian army there for?’ she said.

You heard the woman. The Australian Army needs to invade Syria, overrun this detention facility and bring our girls home.

Where’s me vegemite?

Or something.

Remember that whole beheading business?

More to the point, remember Ebba?

Face it lady. You self deported.