Time to act in defiance of this miserable pope


As a Catholic it has been somewhat disturbing witnessing the latest pope act like a kid in a toy shop with an elephant who sits on everything and wants to eat people. Does that not make any sense? Neither does this latest pope. No capital letter for him; just lowercase all the way. Some might call him the anti-Christ; who am I to disagree. The latest low point was the worship of pagan idols, specifically South American fertility idols, at the Vatican. In a big ceremony. Which kind of breaks one of those pesky ten commandments, the number one commandment no less. Let alone the fact that these sort of idols were actively used in the past for human sacrifice. Christianity was supposed to move us on from that.

But there are still some courageous Christians out there.

Enter the church in which the idols were being blasphemously displayed. Nick off with the idols. Dump them in the Tiber river, a symbolic act in of itself seeing that in the past, heretics of the Church were thrown into the Tiber, including one particularly bad pope. Which should be the next step, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

These men have more courage but more importantly, more historical validity than any of the morons protesting for the climate. Protesting for mother earth. Protesting for the great Gaia. Protesting on the side of these very idols that are now no more.

In years to come nobody will remember the climate extinction dirtbags. But this noble act will be remembered. And it must be replicated. Young men of today whinge and moan that there are no possibilities for great courage and exploration and noble deeds like in the past.

There are rather a lot, in fact. This is but one example of the possibilities. The time for being a quiet and passive Christian is over. Acts and deeds are now of utmost importance. Not protests. For protests are for the cowardly, ignorant and unimaginative. 1000 climate protests around the world cannot hold a candle to what is on this video.

Time to act in defiance of this miserable pope. Time to act for the glory of God.

This article was originally published at https://pushingrubberdownhill.com/, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.