Chinatown wasn’t meant to be the entire city


Once you understand and fully internalise the truth that all media is simply advertising, it becomes a process of gradual illumination as you step from reading between the lines to reading the inherent truth of the lines, within their own context. The last part is the key to it all; you are always reading truth in the media; it just behooves you to grasp whose truth it actually is.

It’s spring in the southern hemisphere which means that it’s time for the spring auction sales in the Australian real estate market. Because the Australian financial and economic systems are now deformed Ponzi clowns entirely dependent on the continuing appreciation of shoddy buildings known as ‘assets’, what once were simply homes are now the collective cooked goose propping up the entire shoddy edifice. Australia as a whole, not just the political class, are so entirely dependent on wealthy Chinese continuing to buy their country in order to prop up their own wealth that they will put up with just about anything in order to kick the can a little bit further down the road so they can at least sell and retire to the mythical Southern Highlands. Chinese navy announced visits to Australian cities and Chinese flags flying over suburban Australian police stations are all part of the ‘nothing to see here’ attitude that permeates every facet of proper Australian society.

This article in the Weekend Australian titled, Property: the Australian suburbs about to go ‘Boom!’ does nothing to hide its desperation; when they stick in an exclamation mark they really really want you to believe and jump in with them on the tottering bandwagon.

But while the article is barely disguised propaganda desperately attempting to push some life into a moribund housing market, there are some interesting truths that it inadvertently admits.

Mr Hosking is selling the house on behalf of Barry and Brenda Nash. Mr Nash, who works in IT, and Mrs Nash, who is involved in the travel industry, have owned the home for 36 years but now spend the bulk of their time in the Southern Highlands town of Bowral.

Mr Nash said that while the time was right, they would still be sad to leave Paddington. “We will still be down here one week a month, but it will be a more ­relaxed lifestyle in Bowral,” he said.

The headline for the article should have read, Boomers desperate to sell before their artificial housing equity upon which they are depending so as to be able to retire goes boom!

More truth is revealed towards the end of the article.

On the other side of the country, Western Australia’s property market continues to tick along in the wake of its post-mining boom malaise.

Mareena Weston, an agent at Perth’s Space Real Estate who specialises in Claremont, said that while the area’s schools and its proximity to the city and the ocean meant demand remained strong, there was a growing acceptance among potential sellers that the market was unlikely to spike again in the immediate term.

“There are a lot of retirees who need to downsize and who have been hanging on for the market to turn and it’s just not happening,’’ Ms Weston said.

“A lot of those are going to come on to the market soon.’’

The clock is ticking for the Boomers while the clock is ticking for Australia’s pathetic economy. The Boomers don’t need to downsize so much as they need the cash. Those expensive consulting jobs are drying up like tears in the sun and avocado breakfasts don’t pay for themselves. The clueless Reserve Bank keeps interest rates as low as possible, but the youngsters aren’t getting with the program. How is it possible that these stupid kids won’t take on massive amounts of debt so their Boomer betters can live out their golden years in some highland region somewhere? Better turn to the Chinese then. They have the cash. Sure, we’re literally selling our nation to our future Chinese masters but hopefully that won’t happen until after we’re dead and buried.

Mind you, that all depends on who’s doing the burying. And if the dying is natural, as opposed to up against the wall and we’ll bill your family for the bullets before we shoot them too. Integration Chinese style.

But hey, enjoy that relaxed lifestyle in Bowral. After all, you deserve it.

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