When Suicide becomes White Genocide


Is it still called suicide if you have been programmed to kill yourself?

While flying on a jet-plane, I noticed a beautiful family sitting in the next row of seats. The children were watching an animated movie ‘Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron’. As you would expect, it was full of typical Hollywood anti-white propaganda. Even the horses in the movie were anthropomorphised into Cultural Marxist victim stereotypes. The only good people in the movie were the non-whites who teamed up with the wild and oppressed horses to destroy evil whitey. Neither the children nor their normie parents batted an eye.

Anti-white hate propaganda cloaked in the shroud of children’s entertainment has to be the most despicable and sickening form of warfare known to man. What kind of sick grubs would ever target the children of their enemies? Most normies would not even know why their children become suicidal, depressed or destructive. Non-whites are being indoctrinated too; not to be empowered but to blame their white peers for all their problems and form spiteful violent mobs. As white children become a despised bullied hated minority, don’t count on sympathy from non-whites either.

When the children become adults and grow into young men and women, still Hollywood is pumping out anti-white propaganda targeting their age group. If for a minute you think this is a modern phenomenon you will be seriously mistaken. It is true that the propaganda has lately become blatant but if you watch all of Devon Stack’s ‘Black Pilled’ videos you will see that it goes back 100 years. The only difference is that back then it was much more subtle and sneakily incorporated so most boomers had no idea where their destructive and selfish ideas were coming from.

What can be done? It’s not always possible or desirable to completely stop your children from watching anti-white productions but a good thing to do is to ask them to try to work out the underlying messages of the movies. It can be like a challenge for them. So long as they are made aware that creepy people are sneaking narratives into their movies they will be much more equipped to survive and thrive into the future and not be filled with white guilt and frustration.

With over 70 years of the Cultural Marxist Critical Theory firmly embedded in our society manipulating us at every turn, Australians are more then ever suffering from stress, depression, anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. Our towns, cities, schools and workplaces are being flooded by non-whites and while they just keep coming, we are feeling like strangers. The break down of families, community, job and housing security are turning our fellow Australians to drugs, alcohol and destructive habits.

Our veterans too, who where sent as young men to do terrible things and witness Hell on Earth are discarded and left to fend for themselves. Most don’t realise that the only way they can deal with their trauma is for them to believe that their sacrifices of mates, limbs and even their sanity was for their nation and their people. When they research the Globalists’ war agendas they discover that they were often used as pawns serving our enemies instead of our own people. Sometimes our fellow diggers become suicidal.

We love our diggers and need them to serve Australians. Just think back to when you were 19. If you joined the armed forces at that age and were told that you were serving your country, you never would have suspected that you were being used by the same Globalists who opened Australia to mass Third World immigration under the banner of ‘Multiculturalism’; so never blame them for what happened as young men in any of the wars. If anything it was those of us who were red-pilled but failed to effectively inform our people who should feel the most guilt.

Australia has a very high suicide rate and there are groups like Beyond Blue who battle against it with varying degrees of success. Feelings of guilt, having nothing to live for, isolation and being cut out of the family, tribe, group, society etc are leading factors. The solution is to seek professional help and to remember that struggle is all part of life, and then to find a reason to battle on. Ask yourself, “How can I help the world?” Make your life about serving something greater then yourself. Be it God, your people or the world.

You may wish to save koalas from Greens-induced bushfires or save Tuvalu from sinking by stopping the New Zealand Prime Minister from flying on jet aeroplanes (I was going to say pump salt water into volcanoes) or you could do something about the plastic pollution of the oceans by banning Third World countries from using our technology irresponsibly. You could go to Africa and take DNA samples of all the animals so we can clone them in the future when Africa doubles its population and gets hungry. There are a thousand great things you could do to help the world but remember you can only do it while you are here with us on Earth.

One of the greatest ways you can contribute to the world is to preserve the diversity of its flora, fauna and humanity. White people used to make up 30% of the global population but now we make up less then 8% and falling. Every white majority country is being flooded by millions of non-whites to blend white children out of existence. There will still be a billion Africans in Africa, a billion Indians in India and 2 billion Asians in Asia. ‘Multiculturalism’ is just a code word for White Genocide.

We must learn to serve our own people for a change. Your mission to save your people from extinction is greater and more important now then at any time in human history. Never has the majority of a race ever been mass brain-dirtied by a hostile media to hate themselves, and become cuckolds for every other group on Earth that seeks to replace our grandchildren with theirs. We need our people, our diggers and veterans to serve white well-being for the sake of our people. Even non-whites can lend a helping hand or at the very least support our efforts to prevent White Genocide as we support their efforts to prevent Tibetan and West Papuan genocide.

An hour at the least per day must be dedicated to red-pilling your people. Be it online or out in the real world. You can make a huge difference. The compounding effects of your efforts could just save your people’s very existence. You may be remembered for 1000 years, or you may wish to work quietly for the cause knowing that your contribution has the power of the Butterfly Effect.