Bill Gates is our very own Bond villain


The climate change scam is an end of the world death cult with the added bonus that its leaders know how to stop the impending apocalypse if only we would just bow down to them and accept their great knowledge and wisdom that us poor peons and horrible deplorables so surely lack. Its adherents are all largely convinced of its inherent truth by the fact that everyone that they know believes it too.

Taken in context at some other point in history, this sort of thing is looked back upon with chortles of derision and head shaking at how the dumb people back in the past could believe such obvious falsehoods. What is in fact interesting is how the people fell for the lies in the first place; that way lies knowledge and learning, but we don’t tend to follow that route and so we end up in the same place once again, fodder for future morons to look back upon us and shake their heads in smug feelings of superiority while at the same time they wail at the fact that ant colonies around the world are going to rise up at any time and enslave humans as punishment for our ant sins.

Climate change is a death cult because its leaders, our global betters, want us all to just go away and die, leaving the earth for them to enjoy in peace, unsullied by our horrible existence. If hell is other people, why not just get rid of all of the people?

I wrote about this a few days ago.

What’s the whole point of this lunacy? The prog left don’t like people, other people to be really specific. You clog up their motorways with your cars. You clog up their airports with your presence. You clog up their national parks which they want to experience in blessed isolation from you. They’re not allowed to kill you, and even if they were that’s still a pain in the butt to organise. No, better to breed you out of existence. Only the chosen few will be allowed to breed in the future; for the rest of humanity it will be a crime. Heterosexual relations will be a crime as well. Most probably they will mandate government selection of life partners for the masses, of which it will be boys with boys and girls with girls. Mao’s China did this for a few decades but not even they could come up with the homosexual aspect.

Think I’m crazy? Just look around you. Just look at what’s happening. Everything has an end game.

That was just the homo bit. There are lots of other parts that also add up to a concerted and collective global effort to get rid of people, and by people we mean the white middle and lower classes specifically. The whites are first and when that works out then it will be the turn of all those jolly colored folk. Climate change is a major part of this as it removes wealth and rights from the masses in order to fight the invisible boogeyman in the sky. The great thing for its adherents is the ease with which they’re brainwashing the masses into actively supporting and participating in their own demise.

Every time you recycle something just know, deep down inside of you, that you’re participating in your own elimination. Every time that you drag a gaudily colored plastic bag to the supermarket so you can be allowed to take your shopping home, understand that your betters hate you and want you to die. Still don’t believe me?

Bill Gates wants to pollute the skies so as to starve everyone to death, (everyone apart from him and his horrible wife of course).

Gates’ latest scheme is perhaps his most daring – and likely most dangerous – to date. As reported by Big League Politics (BLP), Gates is funding a study by researchers from Harvard University which hopes to prove that dumping millions of tons of chalk dust into the atmosphere every day could dim the sun, thereby fighting climate change. (Related: Bill Gates to roll out remote control microchip-based sterilization of women.)

We’ll fight “climate change” by trying to change the climate. See, this is why Bill Gates was never able to finish university; he’s fucking retarded. All he was good for was building computer toys in his garage and he only turned that into a business because his rich mommy was on a board with the head of IBM. Gates is an example of the failure of bullies; they had one job which was to continually beat up this coke bottle glasses nerd, but could they effectively do that? No, and look where we are now. The nerd wants his revenge by blocking out the sun with chalk.

But underneath the mockery this is serious. Gates is evil, and evil does not go around dressed like the Joker and cackling into its Cornflakes. Evil looks banal and unintimidating, something that you would not realise was hell bent on your destruction until it was too late. Like your average chicken farmer. Gates would be an excellent Bond villain. In fact, with all of his money and his evil plans for the entire world he is the epitome of a Bond villain made manifest. Fiction meets reality in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Such a pity then that the latest Bond is to be a token black female as a shout out to the wonders of diversity is our strength. We really are doomed.

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