XYZ Live #81 – Alan Jones and the Chinese Australia Policy


Australia federated primarily to form a common defence and immigration policy which could ensure that Australia would be a homeland for white British subjects of the British Empire. Our colonial history is dominated by this desire of Australians to keep Australia as a country for Austrlians in the face of a potential deluge of Chinese immigrants during the 19th century.

For at least half of the 20th century Australians realised this goal, but eventually the globalists overturned our immigration laws, flooded Australia with people from every corner of the earth, and demonised the White Australia Policy as one of the great evils of history, alongside the favoured globalist boogeymen of slavery and the holocaust.

It is now common practice that whenever the issue of the Chinese Communist Party’s interference in Australia’s domestic affairs threatens to dominate the public consciousness, you can always rely on a globalist, somewhere, to raise what they consider to be the spectre of the White Australia Policy.

The message is always, shut up you racist proles.

Enter Sydney University vice-chancellor Michael Spence, who in response to growing concerns regarding CCP influence over Australian Universities, the massive numbers of Chinese students in the country, and the brazen clashes between pro-Mainland China supporters and pro-Hong Kong supports in the centre of Australia’s biggest cities, had the following to say:

“We have to be careful that the whole debate doesn’t have overtones of the White Australia Policy.”

Opposing communism is racism. Has been for 80 years.

Then there was this nugget:

“Some of [the debate] has kind of gotten dangerously close to not saying, ‘China is a country with whom we have a rich relationship and with whom we need to engage, and which has been a partner with Australia in so many ways for a long time now’, but ‘anybody who thinks the Chinese government is okay doesn’t have a place on a university campus’.”

One of the greatest minds in Australia… If you struggled to read that, we can assure you that Matty and David struggled to read it aloud on last night’s livestream.

We also covered briefly something about Alan Jones and a sock.


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