Melbourne Traditionalists Ep 6: No More Brother Wars


This was a fun chat between Mark Moncrieff from Upon Hope and The XYZ’s David Hiscox, because we finally found something on which to disagree.

The first half of our discussion analysed how the left had first attempted to destroy and replace Australians’ reverence for our war heroes, but has since been much more effective at infiltrating our institutions in an attempt destroy the ANZAC Legacy from within.  We also discussed whether it is worth fighting for “the most successful multicultural country in the world”.

David Hiscox then made the case that The First and Second World Wars represent a wasteful slaughter of two generations of Europeans.  Mark Moncrieff countered that what the Allies and the ANZACs fought for matters, and if you’re invaded, you fight.

We are very interested in listeners’ opinion on this subject.