They’re not your children anymore


Reader Moritz alerted me to this article which details a family that was torn apart by the homosexual cult.

Parents are suing a Connecticut public school district and the state Department of Children and Families (DCF), arguing officials from both undermined their parental rights, interfered in their relationship with their daughter, who claims to be lesbian, and harassed them because of their Catholic faith.

The teenage girl wrote a simple poem expressing her angst with the world around her. In other words, pretty standard stuff. But the school used this as a springboard to ultimately confiscate the girl from her parents. They did this by failing to follow their own written procedures, hence the lawsuit. You can read the article yourselves to find out the juicy details, but I want to concentrate on a few aspects of this case.

According to the DCF lawsuit, the parents say the agency never investigated the alleged physical violence toward their daughter. Rather, DCF documented the parents are “extremely religious,” hold “unwavering” beliefs, and are “rigid and controlling.”

The parents also allege that another DCF social worker harassed them repeatedly because of their Catholic faith, asking them questions such as whether they would attend their daughter’s wedding if she married another woman.

According to the report, the DCF worker told the parents they should “go with the times” and “evolve their religion.”

Being a Christian and following the Catholic faith is not hard in of itself. It is hard to do well, of course; we are all sinners. But being able to follow your faith in Satanic times is much more of a challenge. There are many opportunities to discount or abandon your faith and these are often cloaked in benign language. Such as the encouragement here for the parents to get with the times. The DCF worker was technically correct to say this as the times they are indeed a-changing. Whether or not the changes are for the better is seemingly unimportant for proponents of modern ideology.

The exhortation for the couple to evolve their religion is a sneaky way to attempt to trick them into abandoning their religion which should be obvious but I assume would be somewhat effective in the pressure of an emotional confrontation of this sort when the threat of the loss of your child is hanging over you. The DCF worker is on the right side of history as far as they are concerned. I imagine they would have been frustrated at the uncooperative attitude of the strange people who insisted on continuing to follow an outdated and old fashioned religion.

Despite the parents’ “vehement objection” and the DCF investigation’s conclusion of “unsubstantiated” allegations, the state decided to place the girl in a foster home — that of E.O. Smith track coach Cassandra Rowett.

The school did everything in its power and a lot of things outside its power to ensure that the teenage girl who identified as a lesbian was removed from her parent’s care and sent to live with her female track coach who also was employed by the school. I wonder if there could have been any ulterior motives for the school to have pushed so hard in this situation? It’s not as if there have been any cases lately of female teachers sleeping with their students. And it is well known that there are hardly any lesbians in female sports.

Assistant Attorney General Stephen Vitelli, who is representing DCF in the lawsuit, has filed a motion for dismissal, claiming the state is immune from lawsuits.

The state will not be interfered with while undertaking its core function of destroying families and it cannot be held liable for actions taken by its representatives.

This occurred in the USA but parents in that country also have the option of home schooling. In other countries home schooling is illegal. If you find yourself in a country where home schooling is not an option and the state is doing its very best to brainwash, subvert and even steal your children, then you have some very serious decisions to make. The state is becoming more and more powerful and thus it seeks to extend that power whenever it can. There is no end game to this, no point where the state breathes a sigh of relief and announces that it has arrived at the perfect power equilibrium. In other words, it’s going to keep getting worse.

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