Hawthorn Football Club tells fans to shove it.


As the AFL slowly wakes normal people up to the fact that we are living under a corrupt extreme-Left globalist dictatorship, it’s important to remember that this is not a new development.

The extremist Left subverted and took over this organisation several years ago and have since used it to push their anti-white, anti-male, anti-all-things-good, agenda. As extremists on the Left always do.

So to all the normies now waking up from their slumber: welcome to the real world.

The anger may never subside, at least not until we’ve killed the Satanic Beast that currently rules the world, but at least you can now see the truth for what it is. You can also take that truth and act upon it, spread it, wake up as many of your friends and family that you can. Don’t despair if they refuse to see reality, they will see it eventually whether they want to or not.

You cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

With that in mind, I need to address something that hits me right in the heart, a great betrayal that I must call out.

During the debacle of the “behavioural enforcement officers” the President of my beloved Hawthorn Hawks, Former Premier Jeff Kennett, dared to tell the truth of the matter.

From the Australian:

Earlier today, Mr Kennett highlighted the ethnic background of the staff during a 3AW interview.

“I’m not being racist when I say this, but when I saw some of the footage, the people who are making judgments while they wear these authoritative coats, are not people who appear to have a great knowledge of our game,” he told host Neil Mitchell.

“And yet they make judgments about what’s correct and not correct.”

Asked by The Australian whether he stood by his comments, Mr Kennett was unapologetic, saying he hoped Marvel Stadium’s decision to introduce behaviour awareness officers to control crowds at AFL matches “gets knocked on the head very quickly”.

“The footage I saw was of people who — I don’t know whether they were Australian-born or whether they weren’t, but I suspect they weren’t,” he said.

“How is anyone going to judge anyone else’s behaviour, let alone people who were probably weren’t born here, don’t know the code, probably don’t play it?

“Do they support a football team? How could they possibly have any understanding of our sport? Some of them have come from countries where they play soccer, and some from countries where no sport is played?

“Are we going to just employ security guards or people monitors without any experience at all to come along and sit in judgment of people who have been going to football matches all their lives?”

The XYZ already covered this statement thoroughly, and I discussed it in my recent video on the topic, you can refer to these if you want a full breakdown.

His comments were fine, if not a little milquetoast, which is why it was so distressing to receive a club wide email from him with this little sentence near the end.

I made some comments on Monday about the new Behavioural Awareness Officers employed on Friday night at Marvel Stadium. The comments were out of line, and I apologise for using them. They were not intended to cause grief, but clearly did for some, and I am therefore sorry I spoke as I did.

Kennett provided his direct email address so I took the chance to send him my feedback:

I just read the letter to the fans and wanted to respond. Your sentiments regarding the team are welcome but I have a gripe.

I, and I’d imagine the vast majority of footy fans and Australians, did NOT find your comments regarding the ministry of love’s “behavioural awareness officers” at all “offensive” or out of line.

If anything you didn’t go hard enough; these men weren’t born here and they aren’t Australians even if they were, they shouldn’t even be here let alone policing Australian behaviour at an Australian cultural event. If the AFL, or these government/taxpayer supported stadiums, are going to hire anyone they should be local AUSTRALIANS only (that’s ethnically Australian as the founding fathers of this country determined) or at least someone of European descent who has assimilated fully and was born here.

The PC thugs who dominate the conversation would have you believe that this sentiment is “racist” or whatever, but crying “racist” is little more than a way to shut down real debate and legitimate opinion, it’s little more than an anti-white racial slur.

So please don’t apologise for expressing milquetoast conservative opinions, that the vast majority agree with anyway, simply because some bureaucrat lectured you on “muh racial stereotyping.”

Ethnic heritage is important, it’s meaningful, it really matters, it’s only European peoples who are expected to believe otherwise. You will struggle to find a non-European individual who isn’t proud of his heritage, we should have the same pride in our ancestors and what they built. We, our people, are their legacy we should honour that.

This means pointing out when those who rule over us hire outsiders to police our behaviour.

Apologising for telling the truth is silly


To my surprise, he actually responded:

Thank you Mathew.

I appreciate your comments, but we live in a new world, and if some are offended by comments made, it is better to apologise and get on with life. More important things to do.

Now to focus on our game tonight against Sydney.


Essentially, he’s saying “best to just apologise and hope these circling vultures leave you alone so you can get on with things.”

This might be an appropriate sentiment if the people he was apologising to were acting in good faith. They are not. They are here to dominate and control the masses through shaming, bullying, harassment and even violent oppression. You must NEVER apologise to these people, not ever, not even if they do leave you alone as a result, they are the enemy and they want us all dead.

That’s like a gazelle apologising for not letting the lion eat it, worse, it’s backing down in the face of true evil thus condoning said evil.

That said, Kennett’s claim that it’s just about getting on in life and focusing on more important things would be far more believable if the club didn’t announce this the day before:

In a show of support and respect for AFL champion Adam Goodes, Hawthorn players will wear the number 37 on the back of their warm up guernseys ahead of their Round 14 clash with Sydney.

A documentary released earlier this month, titled ‘The Final Quarter’, details the discriminatory treatment Goodes faced in the twilight of his career, ultimately driving him away from the game.

According to Shaun Burgoyne, the playing group decided on the initiative as a public show of support for the dual Brownlow Medallist.

“With Adam’s documentary coming out, it was a good chance to reflect on where we are as an industry and where we’ve come from,” Burgoyne said.

“Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia, now shut up and buy your team’s gear!”

Make no mistake, this is a grave insult to not just Hawthorn fans but ALL fans of the game (other than the tiny minority of SJW’s if there are any at all).

Regarding the Adam Goodes debacle there is plenty of information floating around to get you up to speed if you aren’t already. XYZ’s own Adam Piggott published an article comparing Goodes to Israel Folau and Catallaxy Files’ Justinian the Great had this to say:

The tragedy of Adam Goodes is that he has never understood how toxic the game of identity politics really is. It is not about advancing tolerance or mutual respect, it is about fostering social division in the name of power. And because it is all about politically capitalising on division it is completely disinterested in solutions to the problems it agitates against.

I believe that deep down Goodes is a well meaning person who was unfortunately politically manipulated by all and sundry to the point that he ironically lost control of his own identity and values. When I see Goodes speak of his upbringing and family, of his coaches and mentors, his will to succeed, his discipline, his wanting to pass on his knowledge to the next generation and so forth, he strikes me as a decent person.

Unfortunately, what started out as a bit of a personal journey and some good intentions to give back to his community ended up in him becoming an indigenous version of the Manchurian candidate. He attracted political parasites that bombarded him with a false history and a heightened sense of racism and who fed off his celebrity in the pursuit of their own divisive political agenda. Sadly this experience ate away at his soul and poisoned his sense of perspective.

Sure, it wasn’t Kennett who initiated this move to wear the number 37 jersey, it was the players, but he is the President of the club and is allowing this to happen. That makes his “let’s just move on and forget it” comment entirely disingenuous, assuming he knew of the move to support the arrogant useful idiot known as Adam Goodes.

If he knew about it and didn’t immediately put a stop to it he is culpable in it, he should know that this is unacceptable and if he let it happen he is unfit for his position.

Adam Goodes is no hero, he’s a crybully and a fool who acted inappropriately and insulted the Australian people. Then he had a giant sook when people called him out instead of issuing a heartfelt apology, as he should have (and we would have accepted it if it was genuine). We should not be supporting him; we should be using him as an example of how not to act in a civilised society. He should serve as an example and a warning, not as an object of our sympathy.


As an ardent football fan and lifelong Hawthorn supporter (yeah yeah it’s “sportsball,” it’s also fun, sue me) I am deeply insulted by this move. Not to mention entirely put off by the idea of players lecturing me on what to believe, and how to behave, in response to the divisive and stupid actions of Goodes himself.

These idiot players should shut their mouths and focus on playing better football, God knows they need to. Yet here they are making insulting extremist PC gestures in order to push an agenda already rejected by the majority of the fans.

All because some establishment propagandist made a film about it.

The only appropriate response is simply to boycott the Sydney game, and refuse to go to the next home game (I can’t boycott the season, as I should, for reasons outside my control, it’s most certainly on the cards).

I also let the club know my extreme distaste in an email, this will likely fall on deaf ears but every AFL fan should do the same. Even if they don’t change their minds, they still need to know they are a tiny minority compared to those who see Goodes for what he truly is.

The saving grace is that this invasion of our weekends by extremist PC rubbish, along with behavioural enforcement, will only serve to wake people up. Going to the football is about relaxing and enjoying time off, nobody has ever shown up to a game and said “I really hope we get indoctrinated with extremist propaganda today,” yet that’s what happens.

This kind of act has no place in our game; it has no place in our society at all.

So here’s a final message to the Hawthorn Football club and the far-Left extremists that run the AFL: keep your politics out of our game or you will sorely regret it.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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