As Predicted Transgender Lunacy comes to Victoria – BITCHUTE EXCLUSIVE


The Socialist Republic of Victoria, under Dictator Dan Andrews, wants to allow anyone to change genders on their birth certificates.

This is exactly what we all warned about during the debate about Fake Marriage; opponents attacked our prediction with howls of outrage and whines of “muh slippery slope.”

As we pointed out, slippery slope arguments are not a logical fallacy, they just need evidence to back them up, which we had at the time but our lying opponents ignored them.

Unfortunately, due to rampant censorship of the truth by the far-Left extremist organisation known as YouTube, I have produced a video with a full breakdown as BitChute exclusive.

Watch it all here: [CLICK]

You will need a VPN, you can download the Opera browser for free and turn on the one built on.

If you are happy to pay, or want to use a different browser, I recommend VirtualShield.

Please share this around as word of mouth is the only way independent creators can build our audience, and make sure you remind everyone who voted “YES” just what they have done.

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