Viewer Poll: Does the timing of Bob Hawke’s death seem a little convenient?


Bob Hawke died last night. The ABC has gone off.

Bob Hawke is crucial to how the left sell the myth of the Labor Party to normie Australians. The Labor Party has been for full socialism for most of existence, but that short decade out of an entire century that it decided that the free market wasn’t entirely evil means that Bob Hawke set the foundation for the so-called “prosperity” that we enjoy today.

The economic and social disaster that was Gough Whitlam is papered over, the massive debt which Howard and Costello had to pay off is ignored, and the stability and cohesiveness which Australia enjoyed for several decades under Menzies is dismissed.

Others have been more blunt.

Never forget that Bob Hawke was instrumental in moving the Australian union movement into the fields of environmentalism and so-called “social justice”, and he pushed anti-white policies against South Africa for decades.

Let’s put on our tinfoil hats. Bob Hawke’s death just two days before the federal election provides an emotional boost to Labor.

The question is, will this get them over the line?

Over to you, dear reader.

Does the timing of Bob Hawke's death seem a little convenient?

  • Yes (74%, 656 Votes)
  • No (26%, 233 Votes)

Total Voters: 889

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