Non-whites enter the struggle against White Genocide


First I will explain the precarious situation that white people find ourselves in globally and then I will discuss how kind and generous non-whites are playing a growing role in helping to prevent our total elimination from the Earth. Sometimes it is hard for our people to accept that we have more friends and allies in the non-white world then we imagine. Never shall we rely on anyone else to save us but we must never be too proud or arrogant to reject a helping hand.

White people make up just 8% of the global population but all white majority counties are being flooded by non-whites and assimilated through ‘Multicultural’ programs so as to eliminate white children for ever. ‘Multiculturalism’ is just a code word for White Genocide.

When any non-white group faces genocide the first people to step in and help prevent their destruction are usually white people because we detest the suffering and genocide of any other peoples.

The anti-white regime has used television and academia to program NPC’s into accepting the genocide of white children, both violently and non-violently. If you think I’m exaggerating just remember how viciously the white refugee advocates in Melbourne fell over themselves to reject white South African refugees who were facing violent genocide.

A mixed race friend said to an ABC watching NPC that he was worried about immigration because white people could soon become a minority in Australia and go extinct. The anti-white replied. “Why do you care? You are not pure European anyway.”

These anti-white NPC’s pretend to believe that races don’t exist in order to justify the genocide of white children, but then flip and declare that only pure whites have the right to advocate for themselves. How is that for clever mind control? Never have I heard an anti-white person state that only pure Tibetans can protest against Tibetan genocide or only pure West Papuans can protest against West Papuan Genocide.

Frank Raymond is a wonderful Indian from the sub-continent who lives in Canada and has done more to understand and advocate for white children than any Australian political party bar Fraser Anning. This man is able to view the situation from an observer’s perspective and offer insights that are most valuable. He wrote a novel which is a must read. His psychological understanding of the white mind and the non-white mind is astounding. A true Aryan spirit is manifested in his work.

Syrian Partisan Girl lives in Australia and also exemplifies the Aryan spirit. She is a great advocate for her people but also understands the direr situation that white people face and rightfully identifies that the same anti-white globalist regime that is destroying her country has a second motivation in mind, and that is to flood white countries with Syrians and non-white ‘refugees’. She has a great understanding of world politics and helped to popularise the term ‘Cuckservative’.

Glen is Chinese. He has lived in multiple Western countries and has a deep desire to help white people wake up to what is happening to their countries and people. He witnessed disgusting anti-whitism while going to Australian schools, so when the Cronulla protests broke out he knew immediately that the media was shamelessly lying. This Honorable man can offer great insights into the Chinese subversion and takeover of Australia as well. Glen keeps his identity hidden for obvious reasons. He is not only speaking out against the Globalist Anti-white regime but also Chinese imperialism.