Book Review: The Myth of German Villainy


I turned 55 earlier this year. For the preceding 54 years of my existence, I had never, ever entertained the notion that the Holocaust was anything other than what the official narrative had expected me to believe. In World War One, it was the aggressive foreign policy of Big Bad Kaiser Willy combined with the system of alliances, an arms race, nationalism and bad Germans, who were bad, and yadda yadda blah blah, that was responsible for World War One. In World War Two, Hitler was a mad maniac who wanted to rule the world and Germany was the sole cause for that world war as well.

I had always accepted this view because that is the official narrative. I did suspect that certain aspects of this narrative did not make sense. I also felt sorrow for the 6 million ‘innocent’ Jews who perished at the hands of those evil Nazis who just hated Jews because they were Jews and Nazis were bad, bad ogres. I mean come on; there were physical locations and sworn testimonies and pictures and The Nuremburg trials and Adolph was such a nasty individual.

I did idly wonder from time to time:

  • How the Treaty of Versailles was ever a thing that was expected to keep any peace.
  • Why does the official narrative never, ever delve into the reason for the universal, not just Hitler’s, dislike of the Jews?
  • How is it that two capitalist countries came to the aid of a communist regime so murderously evil that it defied belief?
  • How is it that Western Europe has never experienced a communist regime, although some like Germany and England are seemingly ripe for the picking now?

Anyway, it was all because Germans and Hitler were Nazis so there will be no more questioning, and you should probably just shut up forever before 6 million more are killed by your hate.

And then I read a book. It tore away the carefully contrived illusion of a factual history:

“Neither Kaiser Wlihelm or Adolf Hitler wanted war. Both WWI and WWII were thrust upon Germany by the Allied powers. Germany’s great sin was emerging too late as a consolidated nation-state and upsetting the established balance of power scheme in Europe. The already established great powers, Britain, France and Russia, joined together in 1914 to destroy this new rival. When Germany rose phoenix-like from the ashes of WWI to again become a great power, they finished the job with WWII. The deliberate destruction of Germany during the Second World War can only be compared to the the Roman destruction of ancient Carthage, and it was done for the same reason – to destroy a commercial rival. The “official” history of World Wars I & II, the one we learned in school, is a myth.”

The above excerpt is from the cover of Benton L. Bradberry’s book, ‘The Myth of German Villainy’.

Bradberry is not a polished historical writer but he is able to destroy the official narrative using primary source documents of the era that clearly show up the utter lies that subsequent generations routinely believe. Nowhere (that I am aware of) does Bradberry make assertions that are not backed up by factual evidence.

This book is not an easy read. I am still disturbed by the eyewitness accounts of atrocities perpetrated on the Russian population because of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution and the German people in the aftermath of both wars.

The criminals who did this were those who now, as then, scream the loudest about being the victims. The same criminals who are trying to destroy the West today. They never stopped.

The PDF file of this book is freely available on the internet.