Poll Result: Pretty much everybody hates Clementine Ford


The XYZ Viewer Poll from a couple of weekends ago has been an exercise in the bleeding obvious. Clementine Ford is awful and everybody hates her:

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Clementine Ford has a dark history of calling for the extermination of all men on social media, yet has remarkably been able to avoid Twitter bans and interest from law enforcement.

What is clear is that the vast majority of people do not find the calling for the extermination of all men to be funny. It is not acceptable as a form of political commentary or satire, and it tends to make one unemployable.

Interestingly, a number of comments indicated that they voted yes because they actually thought Ford would be a perfect fit at the communist ABC. This indicates that support for Pigentine Pig is even lower than what our results may indicate.

The best suggestion comes from regular commenter thegentlemantroll:

“Maybe we should be thankful that all the lefties will be in one place, and all that’s needed now is a few renovations to ABC hq: turn the cameras around 180*, forbid exiting the premises, regulate meals, activities and interaction, no speaking out of turn, no questioning or criticising, assign every individual with an iD number in place of their name, only allow possessions based on good behaviour (no weapons or transport), limit contact with the outside world, uniform clothing, menial community work without profit, basic universal healthcare, a limited array of approved books, and a life managed by speaker announcements, guards, surveillance and locked gates. In a nutshell, it’s the socialist paradise they always craved.”

Keep all of the most feral, treacherous parasites in Australia in the one place.

How convenient.

It’s your XYZ.