The Sky of 1977

From Old time photos of yesteryear.

One day, when I’m old and grey,
Think I’ll just fade away,
And rest in the afterglow of your smile

That year was so wondrous,
Life was not so ponderous,
I’d like to go back to visit-just for a while

But you are so far away
You were never here to stay
By the time you come back I’ll be gone

And you won’t be the same
Time’s played its game
Another hundred years moved on

A fleeting moment in time,
The realisation of my prime
The start of my wonder years true

Now when I look up at heaven,
I can’t see the Sky of ‘77
It’s faded, died out, shot through.

Today I look to the Sky of ‘19
And I see that it’s still blue
A pale reminder of what’s been
Now a picture of lies the left grew.

From Old time photos of yesteryear.