Trump BTFO’s THOT Pelosi On Wall


Have you ever noticed that Nancy Pelosi speaks like a drunk little girl?

Donald Trump knows how to treat such characters:

From Zimbio.

No, wait, here it is.

From the Australian:

A dramatic collapse in negotiations between Donald Trump and Democrats over funding for the border wall has shattered hopes of an imminent solution to the US government shutdown.

A day after his Oval Office address, an angry Mr Trump walked out of a meeting with Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer after they refused to consider any funding for a wall.

Senate minority leader Senator Schumer accused the president of having ”a temper tantrum.”

“He asked Speaker Pelosi, ‘will you agree to my wall?’ She said no. And he just got up, and said, ‘Well we’ve got nothing to discuss,’” Senator Schumer said.

That’s not a tantrum. That’s a powerplay. Despite what the media and even shill Republicans will tell you, Trump knows he holds all the cards:

The refusal of Democrats to consider any funding proposal which includes money for a border wall puts Mr Trump in a difficult position, with some Republicans increasingly concerned about a public backlash over the shutdown.

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski said she wanted the government reopened without immediate negotiations on a border wall.

“When the government is shut down there are consequences and people are starting to feel those consequences,” she said.

Whose people? Democrats.

From CNBC:

Democrats shifted their focus to unpaid government workers Wednesday as a partial government shutdown entered its 19th day with no signs of an impasse over President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall breaking.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will head to the White House in the afternoon for their third face-to-face meeting with Trump about the funding stalemate. After a Tuesday night televised Oval Office address in which the president described a “humanitarian crisis” and used grisly murder stories to call for tougher immigration restrictions, the Democratic leaders countered by highlighting the roughly 800,000 U.S. employees who face missing paychecks due to the closure.

This is the Democrats’ way of saying “if you shut down the government, all the people we have bribed over the years with useless government jobs and welfare so that they will vote for us will run out of money, get hungry, and eventually blame us.”

It is also nature’s way of saying “if you rely on a useless government job or welfare in order to feed yourself, you shouldn’t be alive.”

Democracy has a dysgenic effect on civilisation by extorting the money of the productive to feed the unproductive, and American democracy does this on an industrial scale.

Back to the Oz:

Mr Trump also repeated the possibility of declaring a national emergency as a way of securing funding for the wall which did not require Congressional approval.

“I think something will happen, I hope,” the president said before his aborted meeting with the Democrats. “Otherwise we’ll go about it in a different manner.”

Donald Trump will likely wait six months before declaring a national emergency to finally reopen the government and build the wall. That way he can starve out all those people who were never going to vote for him anyway:

What happens to a Democrat voter who doesn’t get his gibs. From Bloody Disgusting.

Donald Trump may or may not have watched the ending of 28 Days Later, but he gets the strategy. Similarly, he may not watch Vertigo Politix, but he is the embodiment of that for which they are striving:

It’s your XYZ.