Thank God that Saudi THOT didn’t make it to Australia


So some Saudi dream teen flashes her cleavage on Twitter and the Australian Canadian government lets her into the country:

Jihad me at “hello”.

While on a family holiday in Kuwait she ran away from home because her father locked her in her room. Strangers on the internet told her she should go straight to Australia, but apparently she wanted to THOT it up in Thailand first. Then she barricaded herself in her hotel room when Thai officials wanted to send her back to Daddy, and she said she desperately wanted to go to Australia. She must love our values or something. We even sent Ms Oompa Loompa to go chat. But the Canadians got there first and snatched her up.

A country-shopper New Canadian. Because that’s how things work when your country is run by chicks. All you have to do is show up.

But why did Rahaf al-Qunun want to come to the West? Does she want to #ShoutYourAbortion?

Does she want to Tweet about venereal disease?

Does she want to celebrate being fat and ugly?

Does she want to grow her underarm hair?

Does she want to scream naked in public?

Does she want to attend university to swear at free speech advocates?

Does she want to become a journalist so she can exploit her identity to get 15 minutes of fame telling white men how evil they are, then sook about it and flee the country when she is criticised?

Does she want to enter politics where she could use her status as a woman (and high connections) to get away with treason and murder while enriching herself:

Or where she could exploit her status as a “woman of color” to abuse the head of state and push her foreign ethnic and religious interests?

Maybe she just, God I don’t know…

But these are all extreme examples? Let’s generalise, then.

Maybe she wants to go to university, spend her 20’s building her career and enjoying the fruits of being a not-ugly female in the modern West:

Then get to her 30’s and, you know…

The point I want to make here is to reinforce what I argued recently in Dear Migrants: You have been brought here under false pretences. Rahaf has not escaped to the free world. She has moved to a hellscape, which will soon descend into the worst civil war we have ever endured, because we have abandoned the practices which have allowed us until now to tansmit our values and culture to the next generation, and to produce the next generation.

When Westerners get redpilled on the genocidal history of Islam, it is common for us to look at the Islamic world and tell ourselves that we have advanced beyond them because condoms allow us to have free sex, or something. However, our current degenerate state is not the reason we advanced.

We advanced beyond other civilisations because our forefathers were better than them.

Other civilisations may now surpass and engulf us because we are literally giving our civilisation away to them.

Since granting women the vote, we have had two World Wars, mass migration and the welfare state.  Yet conservatives will often criticise Islam on the grounds that women are not considered equal to men under Islamic law.

Who cares.

In doing so, we reinforce the values of our communist enemies and we weaken ourselves. We need to stop opposing Islam on the grounds of liberal values and start opposing Islam on the grounds that it is our enemy.

Islamic culture encourages Muslims to revere their history, their institutions, their elders and their ancestors, it (forcefully) encourages women to dress modestly in public and focus on raising a family, it fosters a fierce ingroup preference among its adherents, and it holds its most sacred religious figures as 100% sacrosanct. As a result, Islamic civilisation, although backward, has a strong sense of identity, is reproducing the next generation above replacement level, and if you offend them, they kill you.

These are not examples of a backward civilisation: These are examples of a civilisation with a healthy immune system. Ethnic Europeans used to have a healthy immune system, but about 50 years ago, centuries worth of propaganda by a foreign ideology finally convinced us to destroy our immune system and we have regressed ever since.

The only way we will ultimately defeat both Islam and the ones who destroyed our immune system is to become fiercer than the former and more ruthless than the latter. For starters, we need to turn Christianity back from this:

From the Independent.

To this:

Keep in mind that when we pushed back the Islamic infidel during the Crusades, we adopted an idea of the enemy: Die for your religion and your people in Holy War and you go to Heaven.

I oppose Islam not because of some rubbish about equal rights, but because it is the belief system of a foreign people whom for centuries posed an existential threat to my people.

There is no point in fighting to keep Australia free of the barbaric practices of Islam if we are just going to let in a whole bunch of people from Islamic countries who claim they are fleeing the barbaric practices of Islam. Remember that Australia was literally founded to keep out hardworking and (apparently) high-IQ Chinese.

Australia is for Real Australians, and Real Australians alone.