#NukeMelbourne: Idiots march FOR #AfricanGangs


Can we #NukeMelbourne yet?

From the Herald Sun:

“Hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the State Library of Victoria to protest against last weekend’s far-right rally in St Kilda, that shocked and “disturbed” onlookers with the use of Nazi salutes and racist chants.

“Shocking footage emerged of last week’s rally showing far-Right protesters gesturing with Nazi salutes, after hundreds of rallygoers and counter-protesters faced off for more than four hours on St Kilda’s foreshore.”

No, the media falsely portrayed people waving and doing Basil Fawlty impersonations as being “neo-nazis”.

And then there’s this guy:

From 9news:

“Titan, a protester, spoke with the crowd about his cousins being targeted because of the colour of their skin.”

You just keep telling yourself that, mate:

Regardless, look at all those white people holding Victorian Socialists signs:

These so-called “anti-racism” protesters support socialism. That thing which killed more people in the 20th century than two World Wars combined.

From Ina Vukic.

From whatsnew2day:

“The meeting was organized by the Campaign against Racism and Facism to express their opposition to white supremacy, fascism and various other ideologies.”

Protesters hold signs for Socialist Alternative front group CARF. Note the Soviet-style font.

What the media never mentions is what Lucas Rosas mentions every time:

“The “Campaign Against Racism and Fascism” (CARF) a front group for Socialist Alternative; the largest, best organised and most violent political extremist group active in Australia today. The stated aim of Socialist Alternative (like all Trotskyist groups) is to violently overthrow the government so as to implement a totalitarian communist state.”

Again though, look at all the white people. Our beef isn’t actually with Africans or Muslims or any other nationality, although they must go back. Ultimately this is a battle for the soul of white people, and particularly of British, Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Celtic people. White people are the most cucked people on the planet, and us Anglos are the most cucked whites out of all the whites.

We are genetically and/or culturally predisposed to high degrees of empathy, but many of us have been brainwashed into rejecting empathy for ourselves and focusing our empathy on the other.

We have to uncuck ourselves. We have to unplug our brothers and sisters out of the Cultural Marxist Matrix, because currently there are wave after wave of white NPC’s marching in support of the foreign globalist ideology which has brainwashed them, an ideology which will destroy us if we don’t destroy it.