XYZ Live #46 – Leyonhjelm Loses it and Tony Abbott just Misses the Target!


Tony Abbott wrote an intriguing piece last week for Quadrant, in which he reviewed a book by Conservative former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Both former leaders are trying to make sense of traditional conservatism’s recent losses to populism, or what may be better characterised as fake conservatism’s demise in the face of revival of real conservatism.

David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern Life explore whether Abbott is attempting to signal to nationalists, or continuing the regular conservative approach of tip-toeing around, ie avoiding, any discussion of race.

Also discussed is David Leyonhjelm’s bizarre speech to parliament, and the left’s befuddlement at orc memes.

Our apologies for the technical difficulties on Monday night (hence the three segments) and our gratitude to our viewers who stuck through to the end.