What happened to Melbourne?

From Herald Sun.

Aren’t you glad that Victorians refused to listen to the shock jocks and the out of touch conservative journalists in the Murdoch press who don’t represent mainstream Australia? Victorians don’t give in to fear and hate.

From the Herald Sun:

Three men have been bashed and robbed by a group of about 20 youths amid violent scenes at St Kilda foreshore on Saturday night.

The victims were ambushed and one was knocked unconscious and then kicked on the ground outside St Kilda Life Saving Club about 11.30pm.

A 24-year-old Burwood East man and 26-year-old Wheelers Hill man were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries….

Eyewitness Paul described Saturday night’s behaviour as “intimidating”.

“I saw young males chanting and dancing in the car park at Maccas,” he said.

They were getting pretty worked up and seemed pissed. I could sense potential trouble.

“The behaviour was intimidating.”

A woman, who asked not to be named, said she saw some of the youths attack three men.

“They threw them on the ground and kicked them,” she said.

“One of them looked like he was unconscious.”

The Herald Sun also witnessed a young man punch a woman in the face as the youths congregated near the surf life saving club.

Others joined in the fray, but the fight was broken up before about 40 police officers arrived.

The large group fled, stopping oncoming traffic as officers made chase.

Acting Supt Langhorn said alcohol wasn’t a contributing factor to the brawling or the robbery.

“They were well behaved until this incident occurred,” he said.

“They were sitting around talking.

“There were lots of little groups that sort of came together and got to that 100 number.

“It was very quickly that the group of African-Australians [sic] got together, there was a smaller group down there but then they started arriving throughout the night. They hadn’t been there drinking or anything like that.”

Diversity is white genocide. So is infrastructure:

From the Herald Sun:

Traffic in Melbourne is now worse than in New York and Rome, with a new report finding motorists on our network are delayed by more than half an hour for every 100km they travel.

New research from GPS company Here Technologies has revealed the Victorian capital has some of the worst congestion issues in the world, ranking 25th for traffic flow in a list compiled of 38 major cities.

The first annual Urban Mobility Index shows that nearly a fifth of our roads are clogged at 4pm on a Thursday and the weekend peak now stretches through four to five hours.

Hoddle St stands out as Australia’s equivalent to the New Jersey Turnpike, with average weekday speeds slowing to 38km/h despite a posted speed limit of 70km/h.

What happened to Melbourne? The above study is actually too soft. Peak hour on the weekend lasts all day. Even the white inner-city lefties are talking about it.

It is vital to keep in mind that this did not happen by accident. For starters, every bloke I meet who says they are a town planner knows what I mean when I ask them if they used to play Sim City:

Mind you, the chicks go “Why does everybody keep asking me that?”

The point is, everybody who played any role in planning Australia’s future for the last 30 years knew this was going to happen. They knew that in using mass immigration to drive Australia’s economy once our industry, mining and energy sectors had been driven into the ground through taxes, regulation and unions, Australia’s biggest cities would swell and that massive infrastructure projects would be necessary.

We shouldn’t be thanking our governments for starting infrastructure projects. We shouldn’t even be holding Royal Commissions to find out whose idea it was to bring in millions of people and then start building more rail underpasses afterward. We need an Inquisition.

All of this could have been avoided.

The left routinely criticise conservatives whenever we raise legitimate concerns about Islamic terrorism, African crime, and urban congestion. Socialists label discussion of these massive problems as “dog whistles”, something I have argued against in the past.

I was wrong. They were right. We dog whistled because we followed the rule, set by the left, that we must avoid the subject of race at all costs.

We should be going straight to race on each issue. Australia has Islamic terrorism because we we did not oppose the immigration of Muslims to Australia on the grounds that they are of a different race. We have African Gang terrorism because we we did not oppose the immigration of Africans to Australia on the grounds that they are of a different race. We have congestion in our cities because we did not oppose the immigration of millions of people from all over the world on the basis that they were of different races to ours.

On these issues we dog whistled about terrorism, crime and congestion, and Australia’s decision makers responded by installing a police state to give the impression of safety and order, engaging in a fake debate about “Australian values”, and promising infrastructure to ease congestion.

Dog whistling failed.  They called our bluff, mass immigration rolls on and we are being replaced.

But you can’t bluff on race. A migrant either shares our British blood or they don’t.  Australia was founded on this principle. Australia’s states joined in federation in order to provide a home for white subjects of the British Empire, and to coordinate the protection of our borders against other races. The White Australia Policy was an extension of this principle, but we abandoned it after the World Wars.

For some reason.


That was a dog whistle.

A British Immigration Only Policy would institute a hard and fast rule which would avoid Islamic terrorism because there would be no Muslims here, it would avoid African crime because there would be no Africans here, and we would have less dramatic infrastructure challenges because we would have a more natural and manageable population growth.

My infrastructure plan for Melbourne is actually quite simple:

They must go back.

Then we will have a whole lot of new houses and apartments for our children to move into.

Our white children.