A woman’s greatest enemy is other women

Nikki Gemmell. From Twitter

I have written about post-wall sex author and self-confessed drunk Nikki Gemmell before, as in the time where she attempted to make the claim that ‘beta blokes are better’. The crux of that piece of hers was that beta men are more well rounded and thus men who become betas will enjoy a wonderful life of pliant women loving up to them. Gemmell’s actual motive was to muddy the water for the younger generations due to the fact that she is a bitter and used up old crone who wouldn’t rate a sidewalk wolf whistle from an octogenarian D&D player.

In yesterday’s Weekend Australian, Gemmell attempts the same trick but this time her target is the girls – Underarm hair: bring it on, girls.

“This Aussie female proudly displaying her underarm hair is the audaciously sexy, polar opposite of all the young women around us pumping up their butts and lips and cheeks and breasts with all manner of fillers; the women only managing to make themselves look indeterminably older and harder, and generic, and afraid; of the allure of their bodies in their gloriously singular, natural state. You just know there’s a prettier, fresher girl hiding under there somewhere.”

What Gemmell fails to mention at any point is whether she herself has also ditched the hideous tyranny of the razor and gone full natural, as they say.

“Edgier celebs like Paris Jackson and Bella Thorne are coming out strong on the issue. The latter fought back against social media criticism urging her to shave her legs with a defiant “NEVER”. I’m loving this recalibration of what constitutes female beauty, the move towards something more empowered.”

Of course she loves this self-destruction of female beauty. As women age and their only actual asset, their looks, declines, they seek many and varied ways to hold on to their glory days of peak sexual market value. This is the reason that average plastic surgeons drive Lamborghinis. Every year that passes sees many millions more girls turn 18. The delights of female youth and beauty are never ending. But at the other end of the female train ride the carousel has its end point, the dreaded wall that women run into at some point in their lives.

A woman with grace and inner beauty will navigate this time in her life with dignity. These are the Melania Trump’s of the world. The Sophia Loren’s.

A woman who is superficial and fake, and who has never progressed beyond her capacity to turn a man’s head will attempt to hold on to her past beauty by almost any possible artificial means.

A woman who is a sloth will give herself over to her post-wall status. She may become fat and slovenly, or she may cut her hair short and refuse to make herself look attractive.

But a malicious woman will seethe with envy at the undeserving nymphs who taunt her at every social moment with their mere presence. And thus she will give herself over to attempting to sabotage their own moments in the sun, in the vain hope that this will confer on to her some sort of advantage and an opportunity to re-enter the SMV game on equal terms.

Nikki Gemmell is a prime example of this last type of woman, and with her nationally syndicated column she at least has the possibility of actually muddying the waters of her sworn younger enemies.

There is no potential greater enemy of women than other women.

At every opportunity Gemmell and other female writers of her ilk attempt to exaggerate fringe trends in order to somehow make them mainstream. In another article a few weeks ago, Gemmell with unintentional hilarity also attempted to sabotage the lives of female competitors her own age:

Women loving women: a different kind of midlife reinvention.

“All around me are women in their 40s and 50s doing wondrous and surprising and life-changing things right now, when they’re out the other side of the draining child-raising years; they’re changing careers, dramatically; going boldly forth into lives they’d always dreamt of — but never dared. Starting businesses, applying for fabulous new jobs, plunging into courses; and turning to other women, after decades of heterosexual living, leaving often bewildered men in their wake. It’s a mid-life reinvention of a different kind.”

A man who ditches his wife for a younger, hotter version is a cad and a bastard deserving of the worst fate possible. But a woman ditching her husband so she can join the rug-muncher brigade is wondrous, life changing, and surprising.

“She cited Drew Barrymore, who’s spoken openly of her bisexual past: “A woman and a woman together are beautiful… being with a woman is like exploring your own body, but through someone else.”

We live in the age of supreme narcissism, and that’s saying something when you consider the Royal Court of Louis XIV. Also, if lesbian sex is so wonderful, why do they have such extensive dildo collections? Just wondering.

“Carren Strock is the author of Married Women Who Love Women; she came out after 25 years of marriage. “What I try to make people understand is that the discovery of a woman’s same-gender sexuality has nothing to do with her husband being ‘more than’ or ‘less than’; who and what the woman is doesn’t change. Her discovery simply adds another dimension to who she is.”

These women are firmly in the business of destroying other women by intentionally leading them astray. Women have to listen to someone and they’re not going to church anymore, (and even the Church has become feminized so no luck there either). As a result they also destroy men. And let us not forget the children. How wonderful it must be for young Jimmy and Karen to go to school and have to admit that mummy is dating Sharon the hairdresser. But downstream consequences for their actions is simply anathema for modern women as more and more they are encouraged to live by the golden rules that no woman anywhere shall be held accountable for her actions and that under no circumstances should she suffer discomfort.

This results in a life that is void of meaning, a life spent casting around for the latest trend to latch on to in the vain hope of finally discovering that big breakthrough. A life very much like that of Nikki Gemmell. Examine her life, ladies, and ask yourself if that is the future that you really desire.

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