The Truth About ABC Anti-Australia Propaganda – Responding to Radio National’s Background Briefing


Radio National, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC Australia) and “journalist” Alex Mann have once again produced a piece of propaganda designed for the sole purpose of slandering Australia’s rising Nationalist populist movement.

They especially took exception to a new community organisation known as Lads Society.

Background Briefing even aired the show in conjunction with other smaller websites (not discussed in this video) confirming it was an intentional smear piece. While claiming to be a journalistic investigation it is nothing more than a hit piece against people who disagree with their biased political position.

What journalism they did was far overshadowed by the lack of effort at objectivity. There was no balance, no objectivity, and they didn’t seek the get the truth, instead they just smeared and defamed anyone they didn’t like.

This is my response to yet more taxpayer funded lies from their ABC Australia.

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