XYZ Live #34 – The Dalai Lama did Nothing Wrong! Unlike Google, the EU and Serena Williams


The Dalai Lama has once again this week revealed his true bigot colours by announcing that Europe is for the Europeans and that refugees should return to their own countries to rebuild them. This provided for some fuitful discussion between David Hiscox, Matty’s Modern Life and Sqeeky Dia Beltran, with some interesting tangents on the Catholic Church, God and the Book of Revelation.

We opened with a discussion of the Serna Williams epic dummy spit saga, before discussing the incredible spectacle that was the Google TGIF meeting which exposed the company’s far-left bias for all to see.

Next came the Dalai Lama’s comments and our favourite topics of immigration and ethno-nationalism, before we closed with a new segment – The Left Can’t Meme – in honour of the EU’s attempt to ban memes, in which we discuss what makes leftist memes just so appalling.


Photo by Wonderlane