Quote of the Day: Mark Knight nails Serena Williams


There is no such thing as “racism”. The term “racism” was invented by globalists aka communists as a means of dividing a nation against itself, of replacing the loyalty people have for their kin with loyalty to their class and to the state.

The aim of the invention of “racism” was ostensibly to bring about a utopian communist paradise. The result of the invention of “racism” was the murder of over 100 million people at the hands of communism.

The criminal irony is that the communists in charge of transmitting history to each successive generation of the 20th and 21st centuries have painted “racism” as the cause of the worst of the world’s suffering.

It is in this context that I barely bat an eyelid at the following cartoon, and dismiss all accusations of “racism” against Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight out of hand:

From the Herald Sun.

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