Sweden votes for cultural suicide


Here in The Netherlands, Swedes are regarded as deeply untrustworthy, particularly the women. If you have any professional dealings with a Swedish woman it tends to go badly from the select stories that people have told me. One Dutchman described them to me as, “Like American women, only much worse.” They do not just easily take offense; they are brought up to actively seek out and directly confront horrible modern social offenses which they are brainwashed about from a young age. In this regard they behave like religious zealots, which in a way I suppose they are.

The hope on the nationalist right was that this weekend’s election in Sweden would result in a similar power sharing arrangement as occurred in Italy, with the Swedish Democrats playing the role of the Lega Nord. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, with their share of the vote amounting to 17.6%, a long way from the hoped for 25%. Now I have read some people claiming that the way Sweden picks prime ministers means that a majority is required which will result in a gridlock and a return to the polls.

Even if that does happen I can’t see it helping them.

Sweden was unique in 20th century Europe in that it did very well out of both world wars. Somehow it provided tonnes of raw resources to Germany whilst retaining a holier-than-thou image as regards to its supposed social progress. You’ve got to have some serious chutzpah to sell Adolf all of the iron ore he needed whilst simultaneously giving out world awards for peace.

The fact is that Sweden’s exceedingly generous social welfare system was built upon a steady economic upturn around the turn of the 20th century, which was a provident result of the government of the time getting out of the way and letting businesses get on with the task of actively growing the economy. The wealth that was generated from 1890-1945 paid for the next 70 years of the welfare state.

Sweden also lost a great number of its population to overseas immigration in the latter half of the 19th century, mostly to the USA. Much like what happened in Scotland, the Swedes with the most get-up-and-go did just that, leaving behind those who lacked the brain, aptitude, or drive to move overseas and make a go of it. A few generations later and with a large helping of welfare thrown into the mix and Sweden had morphed into a culture of gloomy decadence.

With such a weak willed society it doesn’t help matters in such an important election that voting is not anonymous.

There are so many other factors at play here it would require a long essay to do them justice. Loss of religion, the emasculation of Swedish men and the rise of the domineering Nordic woman, mass immigration from totally incompatible cultures, uncontrolled feminism, progressive indoctrination of the youth, the list goes on.

It might give scant hope to think of Sweden as a warning for other Western nations; the proverbial canary in the coal mine. But I don’t think that is relevant either. It will simply be Venezuela-ed down the memory hole when things get really bad. After all, what happened in Sweden was their own fault; they just didn’t do total feminism and ‘diversity is our strength’ properly.

The few Swedes that I have come into contact with on a professional basis over here do nothing to debase me of the notion that their country is doomed. Far from it; it seems that their doom can not arrive quickly enough. They take almost a perverse pleasure in it, a form of virtue signaling on a national level. Looking back over the annals of history I cannot think of a similar culture that failed in such a way. In this they are entirely unique which is all they seem to care about, no matter what it costs them.

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